A glass of juice | Short poem about life and death

the juice of life , a short poem about life

  My body is a glass Filled with the juice of life. Slices of sweet memories at the brink, Waiting for someone to drink. Here comes death with An empty mind. Sucks whole life with The straw of time. – unni babu     For more poems: Unseen emotions- poem – click here Restart -…… Continue reading A glass of juice | Short poem about life and death

The best view comes after… | Animated Quotes #4

the best view comes after... motivational and inspirational quote about hardwork

“The best view comes after the hardest climb ” — (author unknown)   To download this animated quote CLICK HERE For more Motivational Quote / Animated Quotes / Monday Quotes , Good times of today – Bob Marley quote – click here Sunday Morning Quote – click here

Sharing is caring

Hai friends, Today my best friend, who has an amazing blog, changed her blog link and lost almost 500 followers. Her blog name is rendezvous club and she has always helped everyone in blog world without expecting anything. For those who already know her, pls visit her new blog link and follow. Share her new…… Continue reading Sharing is caring

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The Beast Beyond Boundaries | Thought through art

beast beyond boundaries

He is the beast beyond boundaries! Like the water, he is formless and holds the shape of anyone in this world. So identifying him from others is a Sisyphean task. He could be disguised as anyone — a stranger, a classmate, a neighbour, a stepfather… the list goes on. How he effortlessly merges with the…… Continue reading The Beast Beyond Boundaries | Thought through art

Nerd Girl Whatsapp Stickers

nerd girl whatsapp stickers

Whatsapp has released Stickers!!! This is a great opportunity for designers and developers worldwide as they are getting a golden chance to showcase their creations. I thought of polishing my coding skills and created a sticker app for WhatsApp. The sticker is available on Google Play store 🙂 The play store link is: CLICK HERE https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unnibabu.nerdgirl&hl=en…… Continue reading Nerd Girl Whatsapp Stickers

My mom’s Gold Bangles (part 2) | A real life story

gold bangles part 2

It had been 3 years since My mom’s Gold Bangles – part 1 (click here) and now it was 2016. My beloved, my laptop, reached its inevitable end. Dead pixels on the screen, unresponsive keyboard… my laptop showed the signs of a digitally dying old man. No matter what it is, a pet or gadget or real person,…… Continue reading My mom’s Gold Bangles (part 2) | A real life story