Like for a Like | Poem

Like my posts And I like yours Complementing each other’s Thirst for virtual care. Shower me with the praises And I shall return the same Ignoring the mistakes we both make Stab me with the truth And I shall do the same Burying the lies That we had said Together we bleed our true feelings.…… Continue reading Like for a Like | Poem

Sleepless Night | Book launch

After the grand international success of my novel “Layers of a pandemic”, the time has come to launch my new book – “Sleepless Night” It is a collection of sad poems, embellished with silly rhymes :-3 This teeny-tiny book is available on Amazon(CLICK HERE) NotionPress (CLICK HERE)  

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Untouched feelings | A short poem about loneliness

“The society values your success and the people love your joyful face but nobody wants to know your pain, struggles and inner feelings. Everyone surrounds you with adulation when you are successful but turns their back when you are a failure. This poem is about the loneliness we feel deep inside as a result of…… Continue reading Untouched feelings | A short poem about loneliness