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a bridge for ants, painting arts about ants, short story ants
a bridge for ants

The war has already begun. Many Ant soldiers, who have tried to defend their territory, are mercilessly crushed under the feet of the local badminton players(My friends and I). The new badminton court, which is in the midst of a bushy area, is the new battlefield for domination. It is the native ants vs the local badminton players. I wish Charles Darwin were here to see the survival of the fittest.

At first, we tried to ward off the ants but the ants were too adamant to leave. We can’t leave either because this is the only place left for us to play badminton; thanks to the wicked real estate gang which converts all playgrounds to concrete jungles.

My friends are untroubled by the presence of the ants and are running to return the shuttlecock to the opposite side. I am also ignoring the presence of ants and has started to play like a ‘professional’. Our running around the court has havocked the highway of the ants.

After one and a half hour of playing, we call it a day. My friends are returning to their homes. I am tired and is sitting on the ground. I see many dead ants and others, who have survived the apocalypse, running in terror. I feel like the emperor Asoka, who fought the Kalinga war and chose to live as a monk afterwards. Like Asoka, I am also burning inside due to the insurmountable remorse. Suddenly, a brilliant idea comes to my mind. I see a rope nearby and I tightly tie both ends of the badminton post with the rope. This will act like a flyover which will avoid a future conflict. Unfortunately, my new flyover design isn’t approved by the ants. With a heavy heart, I am leaving the battlefield.

The next day

bridge for ants digital painting arts
bridge for ants | digital painting

I have reached the playground before my friends to know about the situation. Wow! I see a miracle! The ants have embraced my flyover idea and I see them travelling on the ropes. I feel proud of my idea and I realize that even the minuscule creatures in nature are intelligent. These ants are my inspiration as they always move on in life even if the most tragic situations hit them. They don’t waste time by lamenting or trying to seek revenge.

Also, I wish a few people in my life, for whom I had done a lot, were as intelligent and forgiving as these ants to realize my love and care.

The End

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  1. Great lesson! We should be a little more like them, continuing to move forward regardless of our unique situations. Embrace the situations life hands us, and keep moving forward. You’re absolutely right. This reminds me of a post I wrote, ‘inspiration is everywhere, even Star Wars.’ It’s a fact. You can be inspired by anything around you. 😊🙏🏽

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