A typical sick day

The day I have a fever is the day I realise that I still have got fire in me. πŸ˜€ Today is such a day and I am lying in my bed, covering myself with many layers of bedsheets as if wearing 3 t-shirts isn’t enough. The first thing I did in the morning is sending a caution to my neighbourhood WhatsApp group -“he who disturbs Unni in his sleep shall burn to death” Yeah, I know that message sound a bit like the message inscribed on King Tutankhamun’s tomb but it serves the purpose. After casting away annoying kids from coming to my room, I do what my grandpa used to do every morning -“play music as loud as possible.” I don’t need to read a medical journal to know the healing effect of music. So I basked in the glorious music of all genres of music, of different languages; thanks to YouTube’s autoplay.
Despite my attempts to avoid kids, one kid came to see me. He laughed at me so hard and I couldn’t blame because I did the same when he had a fever last week. So I accepted the cycle of karma. I must have done something good in the past for sure because I have a loving mom who was making an ayurvedic soup only for me. I never go to the hospital nor take pills that are full of side-effects because I have full faith in my mom’s ayurvedic soup. While sipping the hot panacea, I got a phone call from my virtual sister Krishna, whom I met on WordPress. She asked about my health and to get her full attention, I faked some extra coughs and sneezes. I did succeed because the phone call lasted for almost an hour.
In the evening, my friend since 3rd class came to my room and asked whether I was ready for badminton battle. I reluctantly said no in a “polite” manner. It slightly reminded me of the song -“my mind is telling me no..but my body, my body is telling me yes…” (oops… Does that sound gay? here in this situation, interchange mind and body in the lyrics. Ah now it is apt)

Hours passed by, mom came to my room many times to give the soup. The black pepper in the soup made me a dragon, burning all microbes that were chillin in my oesophagus(food pipe). My sweat glands that were on leave for long had to end their vacation today. I knew I am too young to die.

Now, it is midnight and I am alone in my room. I am looking at the picture of goddess Lakshmi, which I had painted using oil pastels. I know there will be a day in my life when there won’t be any soup to save me, no friends to ask how I am, no visitors to come. I will be as miserable as a sick beggar on the streets. So instead of praying – “oh God, please make me healthy asap. Please give me this, please give me that” – I am just grateful for this day, where I am being surrounded by my parents and friends with their love and care. I look at goddess Lakshmi and say – “thank you” – with my whole heart. (P.S: if I die tonight due to fever, don’t blame the soup. It usually works well :-3