A Woman’s life — playing life on hard mode

“I wish I were a man,” some woman I know grumbled this at least once in their life. Why does a woman wish to become a man? Imagine life as a game (maybe it is a game in cosmic level), then there are different difficulty levels. A baby’s life should be difficulty mode set to easy. A woman’s life must be the difficulty mode set to hard. Before feminists burn down my blog, let me explain why I think a woman’s life is set to hard mode.

Beauty— when gift becomes burden

Beauty plays a pivotal role in a woman’s life. From School/College beauty competitions to Miss Universe, beauty is the focal point. I have witnessed the power of beauty when a girl gets help from men easily. A box full of love letters, getting costly gifts(even iPhone) etc are a few examples to display the might of beauty. A voluptuous woman with a working brain can snatch any material success.

Ok, enough of glorifying beauty. It is time to reveal how gift becomes a burden, a blessing becomes a curse.

Real life – When a beautiful woman walks on the street, a lot of men stares at her. This staring resembles the scanning of antivirus. Some men scan just the face, some men perform the deep scan.There is no mistake staring at the face of a beautiful woman as it is quite natural(Thank god, I am not guilty 😛 ). Staring crosses the limit of decency when men perform a deep scan and pass comments.

Once I was at a bus stop with my classmate. We waited for the bus for more than 30mins. It took me some time to know that my classmate looked nervous. I asked her for the reason. She replied, “Look over there, above that building.” I looked and I saw a man staring at her. She resumed her reply, “Now look at the petrol pump and you will see another”. I looked at the petrol pump and I saw another man staring at her. First I said,”Oh, you have a lot of fans..haha.” But after that, I started to think about this situation from her side and I felt very bad. I felt exactly like the game I play on my laptop where snipers spy us from different sides. I felt worse when I started to think about the women who have to walk alone at night to their homes. If a woman has to experience such a bad situation at day, what would be her situation at night?! For an introvert and shy guy like me, thinking from a woman’s side is enough to give me nightmares.

Virtual life – Real life is full of staring, physical abuse etc. The virtual world is safe, or is it? Women in the virtual world get tons of likes and followers. I won’t debase the achievements of women in the virtual world. A profile picture of a woman gets plenty of likes and comments than a man who posts something critical. From a distance, this world seems like a paradise. Unfortunately, the virtual world is also a devil’s paradise. Misusing images, morphing and flooding the message inbox with vulgar messages are just a few examples of issues faced by women in the virtual world.

“Real world or virtual world, a woman, especially a beautiful woman, has the ultimate difficulty in identifying who is real and who is fake around her. Because everyone, almost every man is nice to her” – Unni


Male dominance

Male dominance is everywhere — From families to corporate companies, from arts to tech. Recently, Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Lawrence have expressed the wage gap issue at the Oscars. Even the Hollywood has wage gap issue, then imagine the situation in other sectors.

A few months back, I got a chance to chat with a lady from Poland. After a brief introduction about myself, I asked about her life. She said she left the job because her boss tried to abuse her, sometimes he tried to lure her with money. She is a great digital artist and I have seen some of her arts. She is searching for a job and her life is miserable now. It is very hard for a woman to work without losing her dignity.

Millions of women in this world are struggling to protect themselves and earn for the family.Lack of opportunity is another issue for women. Most of the women who are very good at studies end up as housewives. They never get the opportunity to reach higher, chase their dreams because of the limits set by society. I feel sad about those ladies, especially in villages, who have to marry at an early age, surrendering their dreams and work as a slave.

Mother nature’s dark side

Look at the ancient and modern megastructures, who built all these? Of course, it’s the men. Mother nature blessed men with physical strength. Strength is one of the main factors that determine who dominates this world. An ordinary man doesn’t need a bodyguard to protect himself. What about a woman? Can she protect herself especially when she is away from home and alone? Maybe yes maybe no.

To add insult to injury, nature has “blessed” her with periods and the pain of childbirth.

Trouble maintaining friendships

Women have trouble maintaining friendships, especially after marriage. I really miss some good old “girl friends”(friends who are girls) who were my classmates. I hope they are happy with their new family life. It is very easy for a man to maintain friendship lifelong, but for a woman, it is not easy. For a woman from an urban area, this may not be a problem, but a woman from a rural area is definitely affected by this issue.

   Despite all the physical and emotional problems mentioned above, a woman stands as the paragon of perseverance. A woman should understand her strength and her limitations instead of trying to imitate man. A woman can’t become a man and a man can never be a woman. Instead of using the concept of feminism as a means to spread hate about men, a woman must work for the betterment of other women. While I am writing about this topic, I remember my classmate who asked me to download a song for some Ladies Hostel program. The song she asked was – “Diamonds” by Rihanna. Such an apt song to describe women. These diamonds are here on this planet, spreading light in various forms: Love, care, compassion, grace, innocence.

A soul decides which body to enter — a body of a man or a woman. The soul of a woman must be the purest form of courage, endurance, and perseverance. These shiny diamonds deserve a chance to radiate their light instead of locking inside a dark room. A woman deserves the same opportunities that a man gets and she deserves more claps that a man receives.