Achievement unlocked — 100 Followers

Blogging is like a difficult game. There are no powerups in blogging and you have to build everything from level 0. On Facebook or Instagram, there are various ways to make a lot of followers. If we post a picture or a text status on Facebook, it spreads worldwide through mutual friends. The blog world is not that easy and you have to make effort to spread your contents. The blog world is full of passionate, talented and inspiring people. So each and every likes and comment in the blog world is precious.

There are times when your posts starve to death without any likes or comments. There are harsh times when your blog gets crashed because of a recent update. I had faced such situations a lot but the presence of a few encouraging people helped me to bounce back. I am eternally grateful to them <3

I would like to thank all of my blog readers/ followers for their immeasurable support.

Special thanks to:

Real-life friends: Symajith, Lija James, Riya Dantis, Winifred

Facebook friends: Alexandra Gorea, Rani G

Special mentions (WordPress inspirations):

  • Eliza Rudolf (She used to make Great posts. I miss her a lot. She was the first one to like my blog post)
  • Zankhana  (Blog full of cute posts with photos. A feel-good blog)
  • The Goldly Chic Diaries (A blog-world kind and helping goddess. Her blog theme song should be Taylor Swift’s “Big reputation”. Your Blog Domain authority is 38!! I appreciate the effort you have taken to build such a wonderful blog)
  • Simple Ula (Another blog world goddess who enlightens everyone with her meaningful posts, especially through personal events/stories. Your Blog Domain authority is 40+!! Wow)
  • Aman Shrivastava (Thought-provoking posts and never hesitates in helping others. Thanks bro)
  • Pavan Athreyas (The first post and about me section is enough to explain how talented this guy is. Your photo on about me section and the blog theme are striking 🙂
  • Rudra Makwana (The author of the best poems I have seen on WordPress site. Her vocabulary range is vast and her poems are rich in meaning, ideas and feelings. I wish I could write like her)
  • Prischilla Shamin (Not sure whether her pencil drawing or writing is better. She is multi-talented and her blog is worth following)
  • Lilith (Thanks to Google translate, I can read this amazing Spanish blog. One of the few persons I have seen who sincerely loves to help people through her blog)
  • Fariha (Her blog is a complete package! Poems, stunning photos, cooking, life-changing bits of advice… the list goes on. She deserves a million followers 🙂
  • Atara (Young lady with lots of genuine ideas. She has a promising future. Her recent posts are awe-inspiring. Also, her blog cover photo is amazing.. because a “great guy” designed it 😀
  • Mabm (Again thanks to Google translate 😀  I discovered a treasure full of mindbending posts. She can create a great movie by just using words.)
  • Penfila ( A blog with a great purpose. Everyone should check this amazing blog)
  • Aditi Capricon (An aspiring writer from Nepal. Visit her blog discover great poems and stories. Great talent at such a young age! Also, her blog cover art great because the “great guy” designed it 😀
  • 100th follower – Akshaya

Ok, so the list is complete. Thanks all for tolerating my posts 🙂

😀 just kidding. This list is incomplete without my blog world best friend/guide/motivation/helping/kind/caring/creative and the one who has been tolerating my posts the most. The word Adithya means Sun and she is the shiny sun in the blog world. A day is not a day without her expressive poems and quotes.


I have no words to express my gratitude to you Adithya 🙂 You always find time to read my posts(even during the exam times) and encourage me. Meeting you at rendezvous club is my serendipity  😀 #blogFriendsForever


Thanks all <3