Alone on a rainy day | A short poem

alone on a rainy day poem

alone on a rainy day poem

Imagine a lonely guy, a living disaster, is standing alone in the street on a rainy day. He sees happy couples under the umbrellas and holding their hands. Neither he has anybody to share his feelings nor anybody to talk. He searches for a friend among the crowd but nobody cares. He could be anyone, even the author of this poem.


Alone on a rainy day β€” a short poem

When the clouds shower, I stand alone,
Raindrops merge with the tears of my own.
Up above, clouds roar with lights,
Still, they fail to stop me from benight.

I see people refusing to stay,
Hiding their hearts and running away.
They brush aside my loud plea,
But I see a big old tree, waiting for me.

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By Unni Babu

Hi, I am Unni Babu. I am an artist,programmer(game developer+web developer). In short, i am Jack of all trades,master of none :-D For more info, click on my social network profiles listed on the homepage. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


    1. actually that tree got struck by a lightning when i approached near πŸ™
      always remember – “if the author is Unni, it is a total tragedy”

  1. How do you know if they are happy couples?? They could be acting , bearing each other and smiling for the public . Think differently and keep yourself happy and thank god that you aren’t in their shoes!😁😁 Get yourself a pet and see the love it has for you.

    1. 1st round – the winner is savitha
      (savitha ji – “how do u know if they are happy couples?”)

      2nd round
      unni – “pet is useless. can i bring my pet to a movie theater? to the dancefloor? to a restaurant and look eye to eye and say romantic words? ”

      2nd round winner is
      UNNIIIIIIII !!!! :-3

    1. I always feel honoured when you comment in my blog posts. Thank you so much πŸ’™ πŸ™‚
      I am grateful to you for always encouraging me

      1. Unni, I wouldn’t comment if there wasn’t anything worthwhile to comment about – and I dislike “like” as much as you do… it says – what? nothing. Any idiot can push that button – writers need comments!

        1. True
          Comments are the most needed thing for a positive growth.
          Cant wait to read your next blog post. I hope it is coming soon πŸ™‚

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