Am I a guardian or a pet? Thought through art

am i guardian or pet, surreal fish bowl art
am i guardian or pet

I used to think about the life of my goldfish. I can imagine how vast and deep the ocean is but could my pet goldfish ever imagine an ocean? It might have thought that the glass bowl was the only world that exists. Goldfish might have thought that it was experiencing absolute freedom as it was roaming freely. I thought – “what a silly life. No real purpose and just eating and sleeping.”

Am I a guardian or a pet?

am i guardian or pet, lonely surreal art, goldfish art
Am I a guardian or a pet? Painting by Unni Babu

As the years passed by, my understanding of life has changed a lot. I realized that the events in our lives don’t follow a fixed timetable or plan. The feeling of absolute freedom is just an illusion. It doesn’t matter if my body travels from the USA to Australia, my inner problems are following me like a shadow. It doesn’t matter whether I move from an old ruined hut to a luxurious apartment, the size of my mind is still the same. The understanding of fundamental reality is still the same.

As I swim deeper into the depths of my mind, the turbulence of life points me to a different thought — I am not different from a goldfish!!!  Like the goldfish, I can’t portray a better place than this world. I can only think that this is the only world that exists. If a guardian, who lives in a higher dimension, looks at me, I am also living a meaningless life like the goldfish. All the pursuit to maintain my body, merely to survive in an invisible bowl. Waking up and sleeping every day, unable to know what is outside the bowl. The bowl is the symbolism of all the limitations of life. It is also the Maya, the illusion that prevents me from knowing my higher purpose. Money and relationships are the “fish food” that sustains me but distracts me from my real purpose.

I am a guardian in my world, but perhaps a pet in another unknown dimension.


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By Unni Babu

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