Cycle of birth and death(painting)

An endless cycle of birth and death.

Endless Cycle of birth and death is one of my early digital paintings. Yellow color shows happiness, Red for Revolution, Blue for wisdom and magnanimity, Black represents the end of happiness and death. This painting is a tiny doorway to understand the reality of life. We are all trapped in endless cycle birth and death.… Continue reading Cycle of birth and death(painting)

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Live meaningfully not meaningless

Live meaningfully not meaningless

“What is the purpose of my life?” this is a question most of us ask ourselves, especially under the shower or before sleep. I have seen such questions in online forums. Recently, I saw this question on Quora, from a 42 years old IT professional woman in the USA. So even a well-educated, successful person… Continue reading Live meaningfully not meaningless

The happiness we eschew

the happiness we eschew because of hectic life

I woke up after listening to the annoying alarm sound from my cell phone. Like a robot, I did what I do every day — wake up at a particular time, prepare for office. In the office, my eyes fixed on computer screen and fingers dancing on the keyboard to finish a project within a… Continue reading The happiness we eschew

Which side are you on this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day | unni's blog

Oh yeah! It is Valentine’s Day! B…bu…but why am I so excited as I am single? Maybe it’s because I got a topic to write. Today is the day of love. The day to propose someone and the day for successful lovers to celebrate, spend magical moments with the lover. Today is the day when… Continue reading Which side are you on this Valentine’s Day?

When free will collides with divine will

free will and divine will

Free will is what makes us different from puppets on strings. If you prefer a better definition, let me refer to Wikipedia: “It is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded.” A highly successful man loves the concept of free will. He can feel immense pride as his success is completely… Continue reading When free will collides with divine will

A Woman’s life — playing life on hard mode

life of a woman

“I wish I were a man,” some woman I know grumbled this at least once in their life. Why does a woman wish to become a man? Imagine life as a game (maybe it is a game in cosmic level), then there are different difficulty levels. A baby’s life should be difficulty mode set to… Continue reading A Woman’s life — playing life on hard mode

Pessimism – a blessing in disguise

Pessimism, a blessing in disguise

“Hi, Unni” “Hi..:-)” “Unni,Are you a pessimist?” “Yes, i am a pessimist” “Eww…bye Unni” This has been my life since school days. I am a pessimist. Pessimism is a feeling, a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe the worst will happen. Friends, family,  society everybody hate pessimists. Almost everyone sees the… Continue reading Pessimism – a blessing in disguise