Avoid these people for a peaceful life

In my 25years “old” life, I have met a lot of people online and offline(real world). Most of them became strangers, some became a source of sorrow and a few became real friends. This post (or commandments) is about different types of people that you should avoid in your life for everlasting peace.


Greedy people — The blood sucking leeches

Whether it is the problems of an individual or of our dying planet, greed needs no introduction as we all know it is the root cause. Greedy people are insatiable blood-sucking leeches. I have a lot of personal experiences with greedy people.

greedy people surreal art, devil

One of my experiences is with my dad’s friend who owns a computer cafe. He knows too little about the internet and other computer technologies. He had only one employee and was struggling to manage the business. So I helped him for free once every week. I respected him a lot and continued to help him whenever I could. He used to give me sweets and bought a shirt for me every year. I never expected any gifts but he was kind. The trouble began when he asked me to extend this “once a week” help plan to “twice or thrice a week” help. I didn’t show any hesitation and started helping him more. He then expanded his business— online ticket booking, money transfer etc. This gave me more responsibilities which I never expected. I had to wake up early to book special tickets. I couldn’t relax in my room even on Christmas day because he calls me to his cafe to book tickets and transfer money for customers. The free time that I had been enjoying a lot reduced day by day. It took me a long time to realize that his greed for money was insatiable and all he sees is profit and loss. A free help/service turned into a trap that I never wanted. Fortunately, I didn’t agree with his business partnership(more slave work) and I told him that I am done and stopped helping.

Moral – So always stay away from greedy people who see others as a profit or loss. Never hesitate to say “NO” to greedy people. Because they have the ability to convert a simple help into a lifelong burden/suffering.


Backstabbers — The devils in disguise

back stabber art, cheating, betrayal art

One of the most difficult tasks in life is identifying who is a friend and who is a foe. Backstabbers/cheaters are devils in disguise and we may not know their real nature until a certain situation happens. Their Promises have lesser guarantee than Chinese products. Their sole aim is to find benefit/happiness by shattering all the trust they earn from others through a lot of fake assurances. They disguise in the form of a friend, lover, coworker or even relatives. Availability of these type of people depends on your financial or career status. The more successful you are, the more they get attracted to you. Backstabbers/Fake people teach us the valuable lesson that “never blindly trust anyone”. Avoid these people before the damage done is too deep. Observe your friends or lover, his/her past. If you find a pattern of betrayal in a person’s past, never trust that person and avoid these people asap. Because patterns are most probably meant to be repeated.

Selfish/Egoist/Monomaniac — The frog in the well

the egoist,monomaniac, frog in well art
Selfish or egoist people dominate our world(no wonder why it is called a ‘selfish world’). They are almost everywhere and all they can see and feel is their own desires and dreams. They really don’t care about the suffering of people around them, even if it is their best friend. These frogs in the well are unable to see a world beyond themselves.

A Monomaniac is a slightly different form of an egoist. Monomaniac is obsessed with a particular thing/topic. They want the whole world to listen that topic day and night, even if it is boring. I had a friend who always talks about his dream of starting a company. I was happy for him. But every time we meet, the only topic he has to say is about the same dream of starting a company.  He didn’t even start the company and still was saying about expanding his business. How does it feel to listen to the same song again and again for 24×7? This feels the same. It is like a person who has only a mouth to vomit a particular topic all the time and no ears to listen what others have to say. It became so annoying that I had to ‘escape’ from him.

Moral — Avoid these people who can’t see anything beyond their own image and dreams. The only solution is to leave such frogs in their wells.


Ungrateful people — The disgusting creature in human form

Nobody can escape from the pain that an ungrateful person gives for free. They take everything for granted. “Thank you”, “acknowledgement”,”gratefulness”… etc are a few words missing from their dictionary. They are nothing less than a cobra biting someone who feeds it with milk.

ungrateful people clipart art, boy and girl gift

I have a lot of experience with ungrateful people. One such episode is with a girl who was my virtual friend/crush. I, a jobless man, somehow managed(begged) to get money to buy a gift for her. I was so zealous to gift her on her birthday. The gift was a 32GB memory card which she needed at that time. After sending the gift online, I was expecting a “thanks” from her. Since I am a pessimist, I expected small complaints too, like – “hey Unni, the memory card isn’t compatible etc”. But what really happened was above my expectations. Instead of thanks, the first message she sent to me just after receiving the gift was, “Hey Unni you stupid, where is the memory card adapter?” She was mad/rude to me instead of being grateful and it hurt me a lot.

I was like, “Omg! This is worse than I expected.” For the first time in my life, I got hurt instead of feeling good after gifting something to someone. Anyway, with a broken heart, I ordered an adapter too because I didn’t want to see her sad on her birthday. On the bright side, I didn’t give my kidneys to gift her an iPhone :-3. Also, I have completely escaped from her and I feel like I escaped from hell. Ungrateful people are the worst. These kind of people are the ones who dump everyone after getting all the benefits. There is no cure and avoid these people whenever possible.

😀 To prove that I am not an ungrateful man, let me thank a wonderful blogger that has been supporting me, nominating me for blog awards recently. Her name is Priscilla Shamin and I highly recommend her blog. She is a great artist, poet, photographer and I really see her as my inspiration.

Her blog link is – Writer’s choice (click here)


Ultra Sensitive/short-tempered — The self-destructive people

self destruction art, man and hammer, moody art

These people are self-destructive and cause the maximum damage before thinking twice. Trying to maintain friendship/relationship with such people are like trying to maintain a nuclear plant as both needs extreme care. Their mood/behaviour changes more than the graph of the stock market. They can’t take a silly joke and sees it as an insult. They may cry for something meant for a laugh. They may break everything apart, wreak havoc for a simple issue. It is always better to avoid these people if they are not trying to control their behaviour.


Rebels — The warmongers

angry man, rebel, art

Rebels, in this context, are those people who oppose everything they face in their life. They are never happy with anything that life has been offering. They find happiness in fighting with people around them. They find satisfaction in complaining about everything. They are restless and rude, trying to find/create a Utopia. For them, compromise is suicide and introspection is an unknown word. So they try to change everybody and everything around them. Avoid these people before they put us in deep trouble. This is actually a shade of egoist personality.


So the list goes on… I worry about the innocent people out there who are suffering because of evil people. There is no solution to this problem other than identifying and avoiding them. There is no “disinfectant” to eliminate such parasites, but escape isn’t impossible. I hope you awaken your sixth sense(wisdom to identify) and escape before it is too late. Forgive a stupid, forgive an idiot, but never forgive a crooked, evil, selfish person. May God save you.