25 thoughts on “Baarish – romance on a rainy day | Animation”

        1. I am very pleased with your bhakthi.. seva.. helping mentality
          So if u ever need any custom blog cover picture.. or any other tech works.. u can ask me anytime

          1. You may have posted a short comment on other blogs.. or links.. or some comment that WordPress system thinks is irrelevant to that post. But don’t worry
            It will be fine next day.
            I had such problems… And it usually gets fixed within 24hrs.. 👍

          2. Yes sometimes I post short comments but do not remember links or irrelevant things.. God knows this WP glitch is really annoying 😏

          3. Then short comment is the problem. But you always give me long comment and i appreciate that. Thank u soo much for taking ur valuable time to comment 💙

          4. I hope one day u will come to see me for blessings

            And call me-“unniiiiiiii” when u reach near.. coz u will be carrying bag full of usa chocolates in each hand na.. so u cant use the calling bell na ..

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