Book reading | surreal art

I looked at my phone and the empty notification bar knocked me out with the truth – I am lonely. So I went outside to make myself feel less lonely. I didn’t see anyone; neither friends nor family! Yet I wandered as much as I could and reached a cliff. Sitting on the edge of the cliff, I pondered over my uncertain future. All I could see in front of me was an endless river that reminded me of Styx, the dark and mysterious river of the underworld. The only sound I could hear was the incessant burble of the dark river. It was impossible to cross the river as it was the projection of my fears and my inner thoughts. Trying to swim across would be suicide. So I had limited options. Either I sit on the cliff forever or risk myself by jumping towards the river. I wasn’t willing to do any of that and I saw something beside me, hiding under the thick grass.

My slender hand took it from the ground and I saw what I used to hate the most, what I used to label as the most boring thing in the world – a book! I was in a situation where I couldn’t reject what life offered even if it was a book. So I chuck my prejudice away, opened the book and began reading.

Suddenly, I began to see the other side that I had never seen before. They were illuminated by the rays of hope. My mind stretched towards the other side, stepping on the pages of the book and transcending myself through space and time. My body sat there like a mute witness.

Now I know what a book really is – it is the portal towards the unknown self.

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