The best view comes after… | Animated Quotes #4

the best view comes after... motivational and inspirational quote about hardwork

“The best view comes after the hardest climb ” — (author unknown)   To download this animated quote CLICK HERE For more Motivational Quote / Animated Quotes / Monday Quotes , Good times of today – Bob Marley quote – click here Sunday Morning Quote – click here

Bad, worse and worst quote | Unni’s quotes #3

  “Being single is bad (loneliness) Being in a relationship is worse (vulnerability) Being with someone you hate is the worst (both) – unni   Afterthoughts The last one is about those who live with their spouses who are selfish, over-possessive, disloyal etc. Such a situation is the worst than being forever single and I…… Continue reading Bad, worse and worst quote | Unni’s quotes #3