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Elysian Blog Awards

An artist is a reflection of God. Why? Because an artist always tries to express his divine nature through his/her fascinating creations. An artist is gifted by the creator because an artist has the power to gift life to a dead object merely with a touch. The key to unlocking infinite doors of reality resides in their indomitable spirit.

What is Elysian Blog Awards?

Elysian Blog Awards is a unique and prestigious award by Unni’s blog to explore and honour divine talents. It is not just a “thank you” post or marketing post but a genuine program to showcase amazing talents around the world.

How can I participate in EBA? What are the qualifications needed?

The only qualification needed is “talent!!!” If you have great talent in writing or painting, but you are hiding it from the world, then it is actually a disgrace to God. The purpose of a gifted one’s life is to transcend the lives of the people around him through his/her talent. So, stop hiding and start transcending… To participate, follow the steps given below:


elysian blog awards guidelines
elysian blog awards – steps

Note: Only posts that link to this blog post will be eligible. 

What are the prizes?

prizes unni's blog

Bloggers choice award – The one who gets the most likes on post will earn the “bloggers choice award” He/ She will get 100 Indian rupees worth Amazon or Google play gift card(winner can choose one of them)

Divine talent award – The one with the best quality post will earn this award. He/ She will get 100 Indian rupees worth Amazon or Google play gift card(winner can choose one of them)

2 lucky participants will win an amazing custom blog cover picture for FREE!!!


1) Is this real?

Ans: Yes it is. I am not a politician to give fake promises.

2) What kind of posts are eligible?

Ans: Poems, Short stories, Drawings, Paintings etc etc

3) Any particular topic?

Ans: No 🙂 Bcoz Elysian Blog Awards hates to curtail the imagination and creativity of an artist to a certain topic. So post your best creation and win this prestigious award.

3) If I win, can I have both Amazon gift card and Google play card?

Ans: Sure. All you have to do is win both Bloggers choice award and Divine talent award. 😛

4) If I win, I want the gift without sharing my contact details(phone number/WhatsApp). Is it possible?

Ans: Yes 🙂 I will send the coupon code directly to your blog “contact form” or as an email 🙂

5) I am from Uganda. Can I participate?

Ans: You can 🙂 Anybody from anywhere can participate 🙂


Ok, So your time starts NOW!!!

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  1. But what’s the topic to which the post should be made about.

    1. Any topic… Bcoz Unni’s blog hates curtailing the imagination of an artist to a certain topic

      1. Oh now that’s gonna be tough

        1. Elysian blog awards is for the toughest talented artists. This is the oscar of the Wimbledon of the nobel of blog awards 🤔

  2. Nice concept 👌👌

  3. Creative Award concept….
    Good 😊

    1. I hope this creative award concept be a success by the active participation of creative people like you 😬

      1. The message was motivating but the emoji was scary 🤣🤣🤣
        M nervous like all time whenever it’s about participation and judges….

        1. B…bu…but i brushed my teeth
          😬< --- look Maybe it is shining too much that makes you scared 🤔

          1. Dant Kanti ka pradarshan dekh samajh aaya

          2. 😷

  4. Awesome Unni ji 👍

    1. If you participate, it will be awe”complete” 🤔
      If u r toooo busy, it’s ok 😟
      Last date is 12 aug 2018

      1. Thank you Unni ji! 😊

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  6. https://wp.me/p8WhnL-4j
    Just tried it..

    1. Will check within 1hour 🙂
      Thank you for participating

  7. Hey Unni,
    Can I use the already existing post in this nd republish it with the link??
    Or should I write a new one ??….

    1. Could you write a new one with a link to my award blog post? New award needs fresh post 🙁

      1. Alright,
        Then I’d link my today’s post based on “Genetic Narcissism”.

  8. Hi 👋 this is my very first partication in any blog contest so little excited and my link ishttps://komal845.wordpress.com/2018/07/18/my-fantasy-world-%f0%9f%8c%8d/ , so now finger crossed m waiting for result🤞

    1. Thanks for participating ji
      Results will be announced on aug 12 🙂

      1. Ohkay i will be waiting 😊

        1. Participation gift

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