Every night — A short poem about my every night

After the day-long drama, the night is when the curtains fall. No more fake smiles, no more pretending to be happy. The night is when a person really gets time to know the self. Night provides the priceless gifts — silence and solitude. It is when we really ponder over our mistakes, our victories and failures. The night is when ethereal dimensions unlock for us to enter through dreams. “Every night” is a poem that I have written just now about my every night. I love to sleep early but my mind wants to stay awake. I am sure I am not the only one with this bipolar feeling. For me, the night is when my mind is mixed with various emotions— fear, regret, sadness etc. Okay, enough said. Time to post my latest poem at midnight.

“Every night” poem

Every night I sleep late,
Pondering over the inevitable fate.
Thoughts of past and future collide,
Also the loss of loved ones besides.

Hopeless and lost in the dark,
Remorse about a life without a mark.
Though the sky is full of stars,
Its beauty can’t heal my scars.


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