Goodbye my love — a very short animation film

Goodbye my love art painting doodle

“Goodbye my love” is my attempt to become an animation character and a toon representation of one of my dreams. As a die-hard fan of all animation movies, it was always my dream to create own animations. Creating animation is one of the most difficult tasks I have done so far. Because it takes a lot of patience and hard work to give life to dead sketches/paintings. This is an experiment I did blending photos with my own drawings to save a lot of time and effort without losing its meaning. “Goodbye my love” is a ‘nano’ film where I am the hero who loves a beautiful lady. Both of us live in a surreal world. The twist begins when a real-world office guy forgets to put his cigar in an ashtray. The cigar burns the paper on the desk…

Goodbye my love… Start Camera Action…



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  1. pretty cool attempt!

  2. wonderful blog unni.

  3. Wow ! It’s really awesome 👌👌
    I don’t know how to appreciate you .
    Sir , it’s is really really super , may your dream come true !!!

    1. Hehe.. I don’t have a dream 😀
      I don’t know how to thank you for the infinite support

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