helping christina in christina's world

Helping Christina in Christina’s World | Art Remix

Christina’s World — you may know this painting. If not, this is one of the most famous paintings that I didn’t create. It was created by Andrew Wyeth in 1948. “Christina’s world” is a very sad painting which shows a helpless woman lying on a field. This painting made me depressed as I am also a lonely guy waiting for a miracle to happen. I wished I could help Christina in her world. I wished I could see her face and spend some time with her and know her more. She could be the one who can understand my thoughts and feelings. But it is just a painting and I couldn’t do anything.

christina's world
Christina’s world painting (source – Wikipedia)

Suddenly a thought came to my mind — “It is time to remix this painting!” Like music remix, art remix is adding/altering a few details in a painting. It is easy and fun to do.

I decided to help Christina and began digital painting. First I did a rough stickman sketch(pose) with my 9 years old Microsoft mouse which was very difficult to use for digital art.

christina's world sketch 1
Helping Christina rough sketch, adding pose

Okay, so my stickman model is ready 😀 I added some colours — blue, brown, grey(for shadows) — and checked whether the idea is still okay.

christina's world sketch 2
helping Christina – adding some colours

It looked fine for me and encouraged me to add more details: shadows(grey colour), reflection(white colour), skin tone(mix of orange, red, yellow and white). Thanks to my big specs that I don’t have to draw my eyes. I was so engaged in this art remix that hours went like a 15minute Dora cartoon. After 5-6 hours, I was happy with the output and zealous to share on facebook.

helping christina in christina's world
helping Christina in Christina’s world

I looked at the art remix and told myself, “1000 likes for sure.”

I posted this new art remix and waited for likes. At the end of the day, the picture hardly got 20 likes. Hmm… But on the bright side:

  1. I gave a helping hand to Christina in her own world
  2. My old facebook crush, the Romanian girl, liked the picture.

The End

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  1. Really nice !!!
    I want to put 1 crore likes for this blog ( for that digital painting & also that idea 👌👌👌👌👌)
    Well expressed
    Liked it very much !!!
    Keep it up !!!

      1. I always keep commenting on your blogs , it’s only bcoz of the fact that , all the blogs from unni’s blog was somewhat special , unique , always hold some hearttouching themes & simply , good piece of work ( paintings & writings). It is not in the case of mine , each & everyone who concentrate in your blogs , won’t can move away without commenting on your blog , that much beautifully weaved blogs
        Keep it up !!
        Can hope my support for your future blogs !!!

    1. Thank you ji 🙂
      Unni’s blog appreciates kind readers who comment in my posts

      So.. kuch meetta ho jaaye.. 😬


        1. Unni’s blog also cares about readers, especially those who comments. So after eating kuch meetta, have this insulin…
          wish u a great evening.

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