How to know whether it is true love or fake love

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true love or fake love

“True love or fake love” maybe one of the most asked questions during young age. I have seen many methods to discover whether it is true love or fake love, which includes:

  • Plucking a flower and separating each petal. Removes the first petal and says,”He/She loves me”. Removes next petal and says,”He/She loves me not”. This goes on until the last petal which reveals the “truth”. This famous method was shown in the famous Shahrukh Khan movie — “DARR
  • An unfair amount of Apps and websites online which says — “Click here to know if it is true love or fake love.”
  • Consulting con people and then looking at a crystal ball that looks like world cup football lit with LED.

Fooling people in the name of love has been a way of living for many. It is time to be logical and practical about love. Here are a few ways to know whether it is true love or fake love, whether he/she deserves you:

1) Be like a teacher and give “test papers”

Love test to find it is true love or fake love clipart
Love: Test paper

The aim of test papers is knowing the student more— his talent and his weakness. Test your lover to know more. The test doesn’t mean throwing your diamond ring into the well and ask your lover to help, Test shouldn’t be challenging your lover to jump from a cliff to prove it is true love or fake love (I won’t join you for a murder).

Test paper should be:

  • If you are a girl and your boyfriend is watching world cup football or any other sports match which he loves more than anything else. Message him that you feel alone and needs to talk. Or message him that you are at a mall and you need to meet him. (Remember that test papers shouldn’t be done daily because it will kill the relationship)
  • The point is to test your lover by creating a situation where  “It is me or the other(football, game etc)


2) Travel back in time

the past and present of love
Love: Past affects present

“Past is past, so forget past and begin again”— Such motivational quotes are great but won’t work every time. Instead of focusing on the list of your lover’s physical qualities, you should know his/her past. A person who has a history of breaking up or betraying has a great chance of repeating it again. Your lover’s past influences the future of the relationship. So never forget to travel back in time to save yourself from a depressing future.

3) Behaviour towards the inferior

Behaviour towards inferior, rude lover

When in love, everyone shows only the good side and hides the ugly side. This is the danger/vulnerability of love. One way to find the true self of your lover is to notice his/her behaviour towards the inferior— people who are poor, less attractive etc. A person whose face looks like the “smirk emoji” when seeing inferior people is a sycophant. His/her love is for your status, your beauty or your wealth.

4) Role of faith/belief

sincere love and fake love
sincere love and fake love

A person’s belief or faith in something defines his character. A person who rejects the existence of God or moral values is blind and narcissist. A person who believes in God feels guilt when doing a sin. Thus he/she thinks twice before doing something wrong. A person who rejects God, religious and moral values is a person who lacks conscience, ready to do whatever he/she wants without thinking. Being an atheist sounds cool in this modern world. But an atheist is someone who failed to see god through his ‘logical’ eyes. Love is also a divine feeling and how could a person who rejects divine, feel true love? Love is faith, love is devotion.

Also, true lover believes in you and your dream even if the dream sounds unrealistic. He/She not only believes in your dreams but also contribute to fulfil your dream.

5) True love or fake love — Physical signs

physical signs of love clipart
Physical signs

Ok enough of philosophy. Time for medically proven ways to know whether it is true love or fake love. If a person loves you, his/her window to the soul — eyes — will reflect it. His/Her pupil will dilate seeing you.

Also, a person sweats when he/she sees his lover. (No wonder why perfume and deodorant companies are making millions)

6) Hard work, personal touch, dedication

lovers gift clipart,hard work in love

A true lover is never lazy when it comes to impress/cheer up his/her partner.

Example- A handmade teddy which took days to make is valuable than a costly readymade teddy. A gift that is made with own hands with lots of love is priceless than a costly readymade gift from the shop. A true lover always has a personal touch in his/her gifts. Tiny details like the colour of the gift matter because it shows how much your lover knows/loves you.

7) Care

visiting lover clipart, care clipart
Care = love

Last but the most important of all is care. Love is true only if there is mutual care. “Hey, how are you?”, “Hey, how are you feeling now?” etc touch the heart more than “let us have some fun.” Fall for actions and not for words. If your lover always says sweet words but never shows up during the time of distress, never ever trust him/her and escape asap.


Love is blind but I hope you test and observe your relationship before going too far. Falling in love without proper thinking always invites irreversible wounds, both internally and externally.

Blog author is forever single and has all the above mentioned qualities. 
No? Ok :-( 
Thanks for reading :-D

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