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how to maintain a friendship, friendship art
how to maintain a friendship

How to maintain a friendship is one of the most asked questions in both the online and offline world. Making friends is easy but keeping them is the real challenge. Today is Friendship day and I am going to share my views/my advice on friendship.

My views on friendship

Friendship is the most meaningful relationship in life. The relationship with parents, siblings are primarily decided by the physical body. You were created by your parents. You can’t choose your parents and siblings but you can choose your friend. Friendship is beyond the physical/genetic connection.

What makes friendship precious than other relationships?

  • Can you share all your secrets with your parents? Can you show a glimpse of your rude side to your lover? But you can share any secrets and show your bad side to your friends. The reason is “friendship is built on the foundation of mutual understanding and acceptance.
  • Friendship is the most stress-free relationship in life. Honesty is most valued in friendship, so you never have to pretend like the good guy. Your flaws are forgiven.

There is no doubt that friendship plays the most vital role in shaping us as a better person. Now the real challenge is “How to maintain a friendship?”


How to maintain a friendship?

how to win friends and how to maintain a friendship
looking for a simple solution

Hi… I got this book from a library. I was so zealous to find a simple solution on how to maintain a friendship. But my bad luck, I couldn’t find any formula or simple solution. So I had returned this book and started to think about the factors that keep a friendship alive. Choose a good friend and be a good friend; theoretically, it is simple as that but practically, it is challenging. Some ideas, from my personal experience, to maintain a friendship are:

1) Stay in touch

Always remember – a friend is not the dog you see in Hachiko movie, that remembers you forever. A friend is an individual with own dreams and goals to pursue. If you ignore/avoid contacting your friend for long, the friendship fades away. So at least stay in touch with your dearest friend once a year. Sending an X-mas card or birthday card with a personal message definitely reinforces a friendship. Always avoid thoughts like this– “Why should I hurt my ego and contact my friend? Let he/she contact me first.”

2) Never take anything for granted

Always be grateful to your friend for the helps he/she offers whenever you are in need. Being grateful to your friend has two benefits:

1) It makes you happy as you feel lucky to have such a friend.

2) Your friend feels great and won’t hesitate to help you again.

A sincere thanks from the bottom of your heart can do wonders in friendship.

3)”I am Sorry” — Mantra for a lasting friendship

Friendship without arguments never exists. Arguments evoke ego and chances for an irreversible damage. If you need a friendship that lasts forever, learn this mantra – “I am sorry.” I have a friend that I know since 3rd class. He is a short-tempered person and reluctant in saying sorry even if the fault is on his side. Though I get angry, I think – “Should I continue this fight and ruin this great friendship?” I say sorry even if it is not my fault.  I never regret this because he is a great friend and the helps he has done so far are unforgettable.

The point is – “If your friend is great, don’t lose him/her over a frivolous matter.”

4) Maintain the status quo

Most of the opposite gender friendships end either in a romantic relationship or in a breakup. If you have a friend of opposite gender, then the greatest advice I have for you is— “maintain the status quo.” If your aim is to transform the existing pure friendship into a romantic relationship, you conjure up an early death of your friendship. The freedom and honesty that you enjoy in a friendship will never be the same in a romantic relationship. Don’t get tricked by all the romantic movies. It is just a matter of time when you will be crying and regretting about wishing for a romantic relationship from your true friend.

5) Be a man/woman of integrity

The character is the base of every relationship. In this selfish world, where people are willing to sacrifice their core values for benefits, a man/a woman of integrity is priceless than anything. It doesn’t matter whether you are a failure in career and ugly in physical looks, If you are sincere, trustworthy and compassionate, then there is no replacement for you. Those who have, at least once, felt the quality of your character will never wish to leave you.

Uhmm… that is all I can think about right now. Happy Friendship day 🙂



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  1. Happy Friendship Day…😊
    True, bond of friendship is a mutual understanding.

    Also tips shared are genuine and easy to follow which will yield you a lifetime friendship if followed wisely

  2. Always be there for your friend. Like the wedding vows: in sickness and in health. My best friend passed away on March 16th. And, oh, how I miss her! How many times have I said to myself, “I need to call Heidi and tell her….” Then I remember that she’s gone. Cherish your friends!

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