I am an introvert | A short personal introvert poem

introvert poem, i am an introvert poem

A true introvert has the desire to immure himself in a room. A real introvert has real love for loneliness and silence. His confidant is his personal diary and he avoids large groups of people as much as possible.Β  I am a bona fide introvert and this my short introvert poem:


I am a chronic introvert
With a heart deeply hurt.
Immured in a quiet room,
Here is where my life bloom.

Eschewing a life of celebrations,
Surviving from torn relations.
Solitude is my love and my mate,
I live by the plans of fate.


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By Unni Babu

Hi, I am Unni Babu. I am an artist,programmer(game developer+web developer). In short, i am Jack of all trades,master of none :-D For more info, click on my social network profiles listed on the homepage. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


  1. Looking great work Sir , I really appreciated to you on this quality work. Nice post!! # Nice poem #
    Keep it up dear introvert πŸ’œ may your world fill up with joys & happinessπŸ’œ

        1. No wonder why you are writing such amazing blog posts πŸ™‚ glad to meet an introvert πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for sacrificing 30.096 seconds of your precious sunday holiday time to read my new poem πŸ’™ also thanks commenting πŸ˜¬πŸ‘

    1. Usually you comment early.. unfortunately today u comment not early..
      Busy sunday ha?πŸ€”
      Thanks for comment πŸ™‚

          1. Write something funny from ur personal life
            When we chose a topic from personal life, we get tons of ideas and words to express. I always struggle to write when i am writing that isn’t related to my life. πŸ€”

          2. I agree! 😊 I only like to share the experience I come across otherwise it’s so difficult to express the feelings..the way we want.. 😊

          3. Yeah
            If we have a lot of time, we can write about many topics. Do some experiments in writing
            But if free time is rare, it is better to write about events in personal life. Also read a quote online and it may unlock some new ideas , a framework to expand an idea to a few paragraphs πŸ™‚

          4. Yeah I always write about my personal experience.. life keeps giving me a lot to write about. I never tried this quote thing I always find quotes once I am done with my writing.. but I think it might work for me to unlock my few experience.. thank you so much buddy for ideas πŸ’‘ see how much your solitude is helpful and positive πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

          5. Yeah
            My head is full of ideas (except when i am in exam hall)

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