I regret waking up | A short poem about every morning of a pessimist

Which one is the worst?

  1. A life full of happiness and success but an old-age full of suffering and painful death.
  2. A life full of failures but a painless death. No problems of the old-age.

I think option 2 is the best. Because, if you see life and death as an academic year, life is a series of test papers but death is the final exam. Now we all know the final exam matters the most. Job, marriage and everything else seems like a dream in the end. Just imagine your school days. Can you access the past? Can you live your school life again? No, you can’t. Because now that is just a memory. Just like that, what you are enjoying now becomes an inaccessible past in the future. So old age and death is the ultimate reality, the real present.

My most important wish is a painless death, while I am sleeping. What is more blissful than that? Neither I suffer nor I become an old-age burden for others. I regret waking up and I hope my wish gets fulfiled tonight. If not, don’t laugh at me when I wake up tomorrow morning. Even Edison is no match for me in perseverance as I am trying to leave my body during sleep for more than 9125 times ( 9125 days = 25years).

I regret waking up — Poem

Oh, I woke up! What a shame!
I look at myself and life is the same.
Broken, disastrous and dark,
As a future standing like a question mark.

Oh death, I was waiting for you last night,
But I forgive you and will wait for you tonight.
Embrace me in your arms when I sleep,
Take me forever to the abyss so deep!

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