I want to throw my phone away | Personal Thoughts

When the golden sun rays draw the curtains of my eyes, my hands search for my LG phone. My LG phone, with a big glass screen, wraps itself with a black rubber cover like a blanket and sleeps all night beside me. So when it is happily found, my index finger gently touches it and it recognizes my fingerprint and wakes up in an instant. On waking up, it radiates vivid colours on my face with its vibrant display.

Despite its positive appearance, it makes me sad when I see the empty notification bar. This sucks all the zestΒ  I have when I wake up every morning and creates a vacuum. An empty notification bar reminds me of my worthless existence in this virtual world. At that moment, I regret being rude to my friends who used to send me “Good morning” forward messages every morning.

After a boring day devoid of calls, messages, likes and follows, I lay on the same old bed at night. Amidst the darkness of the sky and the creepy sounds that I hear from the outside, I hope to see a “Goodnight” from someone online. But everyone is busy in their own virtual worlds. Late night warns me that I have wasted one more beautiful day in a desperate search for likes and messages.

When hope ceases, anger rises! Anger motivates me to throw my phone away to proudly show the whole world that I am unaffected by an empty notification bar. Throw it away to pretend that I am okay with it and heal my giant ego from the wounds made by the absence of virtual love and care. Throw it so hard at the wall and watch the phone shatter into ten thousand pieces.

Then why don’t you just throw your phone away?

Uhmm… Because those ten thousand pieces of my phone will remind me of ten thousand rupees that my loving mom had selflessly taken from her tiny savings. As long as I remember that, my phone is indestructible. As long as I am grateful for that, I will continue being quiet and jealous of the girls who get the adulation (more likes, shares and comments) than they deserve. :-/ :-3

Okay… It is time for me to enter the realm of dreams. Going to sleep, hoping that I would see some likes or comments on this post tomorrow morning.

Goodnight my precious reader πŸ™‚