I wish I never existed | A short story and animation

I wish I never existed, suicide, surreal animation art
I wish I never existed, suicide, surreal animation art

I reside in a page, in a book since 1992. This book is a collection of biographies of all the people on earth. This book is the ultimate dream of voracious readers/bookworms and termites. Because it is endless as new pages are appended when babies are born every day. Mathematically speaking, each page is dedicated to each person and almost 3 million new pages are added in this book each day. The pages are special because they are made of cosmic space and time fabric instead of wood pulp.

If you see a page with faded letters, it means you are reading the biography of a dead person. A dead person who had lived an egocentric and worthless life. If you see a shiny page with golden letters, it means you are reading an inspiring life story of a great person, like the life of Charlie Chaplin, Nick Vujicic, Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale or the life of my grandma. Sadly, the book also has millions of pages with horrendous stories written in blood. They belong to the dark-hearted people, largely terrorists, dictators and evil scientists, who were never done with bloodshed.

I am in a space-time paper waiting for someone to read. It has been many years since I am waiting for someone to read my story and understand me completely. Several celestials had come and read a few paragraphs on my page. But they couldn’t decode me, my feelings and my dreams, and left me like a boring magazine. Loneliness and failure are my page’s header and footer. I wish I never existed.

The page next to me is too hard to read and it seems almost like a blank page to me. I am sure that person, whose this page belongs to, must have lived a meaningless life. I am scared to end like the paper/person beside me. I am scared of a meaningless life that I want to erase myself from this book. I want to wipe out my presence as I am a waste of space and time. I wish I never existed. But how? I can’t erase myself easily because I am unable to access anything outside this book. I hardly even have access to the page next to me. Not only this book is the proof of my existence but also a prison; a cosmic prison made of space and time. I guess I have to live as an unwanted page in this book for the rest of my life.

Finding Eraser – The serendipity after a few years

Today I see something unexpected, something unbelievable — an eraser on the page next to me! I can’t believe my eyes but it is real. The eraser is not just a doodle vanishing stationery store item. It is a space-time eraser that has the power to erase anything from the space-time book. Who had left this eraser here? I ponder for a while.

I try to reach the eraser to fulfil my dream. It is hard for me to move from my page to the nearest page. As I am trying to grab the eraser, the space-time paper is bending. Bending of space-time causes gravity(Einstein is so right) and I am being glued to this paper. I am fighting for long against this gravity. This is my only chance for escape. I have almost reached near the magic eraser..and…

Yes!! I have grabbed the “Eraser”.


No more suffering. No more endless and meaningless reincarnations. The Eraser is the divine tool for my liberation. Liberation from this selfish, chaotic, illusionary world. I am not thinking twice and I am erasing myself from this book. Finally, I am fulfilling the dream — “I wish I never existed” — and merging with the emptiness from which the whole universe came from.

B.. bb…by…bye…

The End

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By Unni Babu

Hi, I am Unni Babu. I am an artist,programmer(game developer+web developer). In short, i am Jack of all trades,master of none :-D For more info, click on my social network profiles listed on the homepage. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


        1. (checkmate)
          I erase the pencil first..
          (She is too smart.. i should have thought about erasing the pencil)

          1. Honestly your creative talent and writing is supporting you no else can! We can only encourage each other.. 😊

          2. I hope am not seeing a dream 🤔 thanks for the comment


          3. No it’s real😬 sorry I am not there to pinch you! 😛Wow really!! they are in stock again! Thank you for this surprise sweet! 😋😊

          4. I have tested your contact form in your blog. Looks like it isn’t working.. 🤔

  1. I feel speechless with joy, seeing your paintings. I will look at them more often, as they truly deserve it. I feel sure, many many people would feel interested in them. Anyway, I feel happy to meet you and i wish you a blessed divine life full of true joy, may your soul reach its destiny 💙💜💜

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