Is my pet cat ‘Tiger’ back?! | Personal Journal #2

A new cat arrived in my area a few days ago. Kids in the neighbourhood were trying to lure this little fighter with tasty food but in vain. The new cat refuses to kneel for food and looks at the sky, chasing birds and butterflies. “It is impossible to pet this rude cat,” said the kids with aΒ smirking face and went back home. The cat relaxed on top of the neighbour’s wall. I looked at the cat from a distance and I was in awe. The colour, the distinctive stripes, the Dolby surround MEOW roar, everything resembles that of my first pet cat.

My loneliness and my memories of my first cat compelled me to beckon this cat. If the cat ignores me, my ego will be seriously damaged. However, the scene from Avatar film where avatar tames Toruk Makto(click here for that scene) motivated me to make a move. So,Β I beckoned the cat with my weird tune.


The weird voice pierced the cat’s little ears and it curiously stood up. It looked at the source of the weird sound and raced towards me. No walls could stop it from its target. It ran towards me like it knows me for long. It stood beside and looked at me.Β The new cat must have been waiting for its true owner and travelled great distances in search of him.

I looked at the cat and cooed with delight, “Is it you, Tiger? ”

The cat meowed and I replied, “Well… you have found yourΒ home. Welcome back πŸ™‚ ”


If you are free, my first pet cat’s story awaits you. CLICK HERE