Krishna: the man and his philosophy by Osho

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Krishna: the man and his philosophy
Author – Osho
My rating: 5/5

688 pages of pure wisdom that has the power to transcend lives! This is not a book that blindly glorifies anyone. Instead, this book answers a plethora of questions which mainly revolves around the life of Krishna. The questions about Krishna’s life – the most paradoxical and controversial one – is answered by Osho in such a way that it satiates the logical mind. Questions(which I had in my mind) such as:
1) Krishna preaches about love/forgiveness but fought wars. How can a man do such contradicting things?
2) How can a man who ran away with the clothes of gopies, save Draupadi from getting disrobed in public?

This book briefly portrays the lives of Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Kabir, Mahavira, Lao Tzu etc. Hence it touches both eastern and western religions/philosophies. Osho juxtaposes the multidimensional life of Krishna with their lives to derive more answers. Almost all answers evoke from a fresh perspective, free from religious prejudice, and show the way it really is.

There are numerous thought-provoking moments. For example, Krishna’s philosophy of non-attachment. Suppose an ordinary man decides to become a celibate monk. He avoids women, avoids sex. Now the world will see him as someone nonattached to sex/women. But denial can be as dangerous as addiction. If a voluptuous woman sits near him, he is perturbed. He must fight his senses, his thoughts, his biological feelings about sex. He will try to run away from her. So in a way, that man is attached to sex(addiction and denial become two sides of the same coin). Thus sometimes, denial brings suffering more than attachment does(even Freud’s psychology agrees with this). So non-attachment of Krishna is not about denial but of transcendence.

In short, Krishna: the man and his philosophy by Osho is a mindbending experience! I express my gratitude to my friend who gifted me this book last year on my birthday. Highly recommended to all who have an open mind and thirst for more knowledge.