The living light in the dead of night

firefly unni's blog
firefly unni's blog

This is my experience about seeing a firefly at midnight, when i am losing myself in depressing thoughts.

I have tied my blue, old mosquito net to the wall and turned off the lights. After that, I rushed inside the net as I believe it shields me, not just from mosquitoes but also from ghosts that I see in movies. Blinking my tired eyes, all I can see is darkness. Ears figured out that I am on the bed, as it can only listen to the sound of ceiling fan rotating. While the body is trying to sleep, the mind wants to enjoy more from the day by staying awake. Unfortunately, the mind always wins over the body, especially the mind of thinkers. From childish to pessimistic philosophical thoughts, the lively mind is in no mood to sleep. Thoughts have gradually reached the apex of pessimism, changing my face into a “sad emoji”.

Meanwhile, as I am on my bed like a dead body, I see a tiny dot of light moving quick. Omg! it is a firefly.It flies aimlessly – towards the fan, net, and everything else it sees. Gazing at this tiny, wonderful creation, my gloomy thoughts begin to fade away. Thoughts of positivity appear in mind like a rainbow in a desert. Maybe this is the sign from heaven, that a room full of darkness is never enough to defeat this tiny dot of light. A life full of problems is never enough to defeat the true self.


Zzz…. Zzz….

– Unni Babu

By Unni Babu

Hi, I am Unni Babu. I am an artist,programmer(game developer+web developer). In short, i am Jack of all trades,master of none :-D For more info, click on my social network profiles listed on the homepage. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


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