Meera — Ajay’s first love (Short Story)

Ajay looked at his phone after hearing a notification sound. Being a below-average looking South Indian guy, Ajay wasn’t excited when he heard the notification. Because he never got any message or calls from a girl. Even the customer care calls he had been getting were automated male voices. Anyway, Ajay unlocked his phone to check the notification. He was sure that it was an email from his office boss about work. But it was a notification about a new WhatsApp group that his boss created for the new US software project. Ajay saw a few members of the group introducing themselves. Among a lot of “Hi, I am…” messages, one message caught his attention— “Hi, I am Meera.” He checked her WhatsApp profile picture and couldn’t believe his eyes. “What a gorgeous damsel!!” Ajay said to himself. Meera’s photogenic face was beyond Ajay’s expectations of his dream girl.


A new project

The US software project was for a construction company. It was too big for a single startup company to handle. So two startup companies collaborated on this project. Meera worked at Infosystems and Ajay worked at TechnoWorld.

Days passed by and the new WhatsApp group became more active with work-related messages. The project was divided into various modules based on their functionality and scope. The work files were shared with each other via email. Ajay’s joy knew no bounds when he had come to know that Meera is also in his backend design team. Like most of the guys, Ajay also started to believe that whatever happening is a sign. A sign that Meera was his “soulmate.” Ajay felt a boost in his confidence as he knew that he will get a lot of chance to showcase his coding talent to impress Meera.

First Impression

Ajay began his work to impress Meera. He had learned the basic structure of the project in two days and started to design backend.  Ajay told himself, “This is your first message to her. Grab her attention and make her yours soon.” Ajay attached the designs he made painstakingly last night with additional notes for better understanding. Before clicking on the ‘send’ button, Ajay checked whether all files were attached to the email. Then he decided to click the “send” button. He felt happy after clicking on the send button and glued to the chair expecting Meera’s reply. He had been waiting for 30 minutes, but couldn’t see any new email. So he opened the game he plays the most— “Angry Birds PC.” While playing Angry Birds for an hour, a notification of new email arrived on the screen. He immediately closed the game and opened the email like a ninja. Even the loading bar of Gmail which hardly takes 10-20 seconds, felt unbearable for him. He opened the email and it was from Meera.

Meera – “Thank you so much, Ajay. I was worried about the project design because I used to make frontend design for other projects. Your designs and notes are very useful.”

Ajay felt accomplished as his first message had made an impression. He looked in the mirror and saw his radiant smiling face.


Closer hearts

As the days passed by, both Ajay and Meera exchanged a lot of emails and Whatsapp messages. The conversation which was formal in the beginning became a friendly chat. Both of them revealed more about themselves including their family background. Ajay was shy to reveal his poor family history. His dad died of heart attack a few years ago and his mother was suffering from Lupus, an autoimmune disorder. Meera had nothing to be shy of because she was from a wealthy North Indian Brahmin family. She said that the job was a relief for her to escape from the regular poojas and temple visits with her family.

The “email friendship” wasn’t enough for both and they began to call on the phone.  Meera loved the mature sound of Ajay, especially it sounded like the actor Morgan Freeman. Ajay was in some other dimension whenever he listens to the mellifluous voice of Meera. Their phone calls lasted for hours which were based on a wide range of topics— sports, movies, office gossips, etc. Unfortunately, the deviation from work to personal chats affected the project and Meera was worried. “Don’t worry. I will handle the situation,” Ajay comforted her. Meera felt relieved and thanked him for the selfless offer. Next day onwards, Ajay sacrificed his free time and sleep to complete the extra work he had to do for his crush.  He ignored his surroundings, his roommate and was always engaged in work and messaging Meera.


I Love You too…

Meera used to complain about the low salary she was getting from the company. Since she disobeyed her dad’s words of marrying a Brahmin man and beginning a family life, she could not get any financial help from her family. Ajay was empathetic towards her and decided to help her. He thought of sending money to Meera but then he hesitated because that may hurt her ego. So he gifted her a 15 thousand worth Amazon gift card. Meera called him on the phone just after she got the gift card. She was crying and said, “Nobody in my life has ever helped me like you do. I love you, Ajay.” Ajay’s heart paused for a second because he couldn’t believe what she said. He wanted to verify what she said.

So he replied, “Omg! Are you sure? I am not like the handsome guys in films. I am just an ordinary guy with a simple family background.”

Meera – “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care about your looks and all I want is your love. I really love you, Ajay.”

Ajay became speechless. He had no idea how to express his joy. He recalled his school/college days when girls used to laugh at him, calling him ugly.


Love: Responsibility and Sacrifice

Love is a sweet responsibility and sacrifice. Ajay knew that before because he had seen a lot of romantic movies, especially movies of Shahrukh Khan. He shouldered her responsibilities and cared her more than her father and brother. Meera didn’t have to worry about her rent problems, all thanks to such a caring lover. Shouldering more responsibilities and months of sleep deprivation adversely affected Ajay’s health. But he had the panacea for all his problems — tons of selfies and virtual kisses from Meera.

Ajay had a big surprise plan— Meeting Meera in real life and proposing her when the project was complete. He bought a golden ring for her and kept it inside the drawer. Love gave him strength and hope that he never had before.


The end of the project

Finally! Months of hard work born fruit. The project was completed without any serious bugs.  Both companies announced a party for their employees, appreciating their hard work, especially of Ajay. Ajay could not attend the party as his health was down with severe fewer. He messaged Meera about his condition but did not get any reply. “Meera must be having a good time at the party. Will call her tomorrow,” Ajay thought. The next day, he tried to call Meera on phone in the morning but couldn’t get any response from her. “What happened to her? Oh god please,” Ajay became restless and depressed. This was the day when atheist Ajay prayed to God wholeheartedly.  Minutes went like hours and the unknown condition of Meera deeply hurt Ajay.

In the afternoon, a message arrived on his phone. Ajay checked the message quickly. It was from his coworker Rahul and it was a video file on WhatsApp with the caption — ” new MMS leaked. Meera of Infosystems #party.” With trembling hand, Ajay played the video. What he saw was the most devastating video of his life. The beautiful damsel of his dreams turned out to be a demon, who was making love with another man in a car. Ajay was in a state of deep shock as he felt betrayed, abused, cheated. He threw his phone towards the wall. His heart shattered into million pieces, more than his phone. He opened the drawer with a heavy heart and looked at the golden ring with teary eyes.

—-The end—-