Moksha — Liberation from the cycle of birth and death | Digital Painting

moksha the liberation art, soul liberates from endless cycle of birth and death, reincarnation
moksha the liberation art

Moksha is one of the most fascinating concepts I have ever known. To understand moksha, one must understand reincarnation. Almost all religions uphold the idea of an immortal energy in a human. It is called by many names — soul, athma, real-self etc. Some religion discards the concept of reincarnation while others are rooted in this concept. Buddhism and Hinduism, one of the earliest religions in the world, portrays the idea of reincarnation.

Reincarnation is the soul’s journey from a dead body to another body to fulfil its purpose. This process goes on forever. Heaven and hell are like stations for the souls before entering a new body. After spending a certain time in heaven or hell, the soul must reincarnate to a new body. The body can be anything — from virus to giant whale. Only a lucky soul after countless rebirths gets a chance to enter a new human body. Because the human body is the tool for liberation.

Moksha — The liberation

Reincarnation may be a beautiful dream for many as they are never erased from existence. But it is actually a curse, an endless loop of suffering. Nothing in this material world is forever— relationships, success, other desires— and from a higher perspective, it is actually stupid to chase for them. The human body is the most special tool for liberation. Yogis realized this 1000s of years ago and under certain techniques and strict way of life, the soul can liberate from the prison(body). Once the soul realizes its true nature, there is no coming back. Until then, it is the struggle to maintain the mortal body and to fulfil the endless desires. In short, the ultimate aim of every living being is Moksha.


Moksha — Art

moksha the liberation art, soul escapes from endless cycle
moksha – the liberation – art


Time taken to complete: Almost 6-7 hours

This is my digital painting on July 24 2016 (oh! Today is 24 July 2018).  There is a cute baby on the left side and a dying man on the right side. Golden circular waves around them denote the endless cycle of birth and death. Between the clouds, you can see the soul finally liberating from this cycle and merging with the source. I wanted to show soul as absolutely pure, so I painted it with a golden colour. The spatial arrangement of the birth-death and liberated soul in my painting was inspired by the holy trinity paintings in both Hinduism(Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva) and Christianity(Father-Son-Holy spirit). Thanks to the free brushes available online, I was able to create clouds with less effort.

Afterthought: I hope I reincarnate as a cute turtle. Because all I have to do is eat-sleep-live long. 😀

The End

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By Unni Babu

Hi, I am Unni Babu. I am an artist,programmer(game developer+web developer). In short, i am Jack of all trades,master of none :-D For more info, click on my social network profiles listed on the homepage. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


    1. Thanks for visiting Unni’s Art Gallery, London :-3

      Hey cool new gravatar! You look like a lady standing alone at the mall waiting for jaaneman to arrive.

    1. Yes 🙁
      Bcoz moksha is difficult than cracking CAT :-3
      So turtle idea seems better and easy

  1. So, you mean to say that reincarnating into a turtle doesn’t give you the liberation, but sheer happiness or something pleasant – which means that ‘living as an organism (for example, a Turtle) is better than liberation (moksha)’. This is so deep, isn’t it?

    1. i mean reincarnating as a turtle is too easy than moksha. Moksha is the real success but it is the most difficult thing/state to achieve. As a lazy and pessimist person, reincarnating as a turtle seems better for me 😀

      Thanks for the comment bro <3

  2. I think your painting is beautiful and the concept of life forms going on makes absolute sense to me as a naturalist. When I compost I put veg scraps, leaves, soil and hay and water – and presto beautiful rich soil to give you an example. I guess the one difference between us is that I no longer believe humans are any different than any other species – and certinly the most destructive one – I’d like to come back as a dog who lives with a person like me!!!!

    1. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your views 🙂

      Desire bind us to this world. If your desire is to become a cute dog during the time of death, according to Hinduism, you will reincarnate as a dog. The reason is that the desire at the death time is very important for the soul. This is why sage/monks advise us to not have desires, especially at the time of death or else we will be entangled in this world again 🙂

      1. I didn’t know this about desire at the time of death… I like being exposed to new ways of understanding the world… it makes sense to me that desire is important to the soul… I think of my father who was not ready to die and how he appeared to me on the day of his death as a beaver – still building – my dad was an engineer by profession but a finish carpenter by trade – he’s been dead many years now but still appears to me in many guises and as himself – and I wonder if my connection to him is so strong because we had such a troubled relationship during his life that he continues to try to make things right… this is all a GREAT MYSTERY…. as for returning to this earth that I love so much – well I would like to – but with all earth devastation occurring around me – and living with that despair – makes me cautious like I have never been before,

        1. world really needs broad minded people like you who thinks and welcomes different ideas. You should read Dr Brian Weiss books and u will see that your dad is with you now. He is in another dimension but he is with you.

          1. I guarantee you profound peace, happiness and hope if you read dr brian weiss’s books. It is like scientific proof of reincarnation. Your dad is with u.. like interstellar 🙂

    1. True 🙂
      If I start an international ashram, I want you to manage Unni’s ashram, USA 😀

          1. Dhanya ho gye aapke darshan paa kr Saint Shri 1108 Unni Babu ji! 🙏 Aashirwad ki Aasha hai …😛😀😀

          2. Looking at your car and big house..

            Why just ashirwad? Hum toh aapke saath hei hamesha hamesha keliye..
            Jaise seetha maatha ke saath hanuman 👍

          3. Jab tak aapke paas usa ka visa aur car hei
            Tab tak mujhe kyu chahiye moksha..
            Bolo kranti ji ki jai hooo

          4. 1108😨
            Ye kya ?
            Main sanju cinema jaise jail mein nahi hoom.. 1108 is not my cell number :-3

    1. I hope u reincarnate as the turtle with WordPress access.. else am gonna miss some valuable likes and comments 🙁

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