Moksha — Liberation from the cycle of birth and death | Digital Painting

Moksha is one of the most fascinating concepts I have ever known. To understand moksha, one must understand reincarnation. Almost all religions uphold the idea of an immortal energy in a human. It is called by many names — soul, athma, real-self etc. Some religion discards the concept of reincarnation while others are rooted in this concept. Buddhism and Hinduism, one of the earliest religions in the world, portrays the idea of reincarnation.

Reincarnation is the soul’s journey from a dead body to another body to fulfil its purpose. This process goes on forever. Heaven and hell are like stations for the souls before entering a new body. After spending a certain time in heaven or hell, the soul must reincarnate to a new body. The body can be anything — from virus to giant whale. Only a lucky soul after countless rebirths gets a chance to enter a new human body. Because the human body is the tool for liberation.

Moksha — The liberation

Reincarnation may be a beautiful dream for many as they are never erased from existence. But it is actually a curse, an endless loop of suffering. Nothing in this material world is forever— relationships, success, other desires— and from a higher perspective, it is actually stupid to chase for them. The human body is the most special tool for liberation. Yogis realized this 1000s of years ago and under certain techniques and strict way of life, the soul can liberate from the prison(body). Once the soul realizes its true nature, there is no coming back. Until then, it is the struggle to maintain the mortal body and to fulfil the endless desires. In short, the ultimate aim of every living being is Moksha.


Moksha — Art

moksha the liberation art, soul escapes from endless cycle
moksha – the liberation – art


Time taken to complete: Almost 6-7 hours

This is my digital painting on July 24 2016 (oh! Today is 24 July 2018).  There is a cute baby on the left side and a dying man on the right side. Golden circular waves around them denote the endless cycle of birth and death. Between the clouds, you can see the soul finally liberating from this cycle and merging with the source. I wanted to show soul as absolutely pure, so I painted it with a golden colour. The spatial arrangement of the birth-death and liberated soul in my painting was inspired by the holy trinity paintings in both Hinduism(Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva) and Christianity(Father-Son-Holy spirit). Thanks to the free brushes available online, I was able to create clouds with less effort.

Afterthought: I hope I reincarnate as a cute turtle. Because all I have to do is eat-sleep-live long. 😀

The End

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