My blog poem | Short poem about my blog

A blog is not just a money-making platform for all. For some people, it is a way or a deep desire of an introvert mind to share own thoughts/ideas to the whole world. Not every blog is meant to reach the eyes of viewers. Unfortunately, some blogs don’t get the required audience and die soon. Such dead blogs are the virtual fossils online. They once represented the dreams of an author. “My blog poem” is a very short poem about my blog. Kids may find this as a simple poem, adults may see this as a terrible poem. But only “merciful legends” can find the hidden meaning and click on like,share and follow buttons 😀

My blog poem

My blog is my brainchild,
That I released in the wild*.
I filled colours and styled,
But nobody saw and smiled.

My blog is my passion,
Waiting for your compassion.
Feed him with likes and shares,
Or see my poor little child in tears.

(Wild* = Internet)

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