My mom’s Gold Bangles (part 2) | A real life story

It had been 3 years since My mom’s Gold Bangles – part 1 (click here) and now it was 2016. My beloved, my laptop, reached its inevitable end. Dead pixels on the screen, unresponsive keyboard… my laptop showed the signs of a digitally dying old man. No matter what it is, a pet or gadget or real person, life is all about hellos and byes. The more we spent time with someone or something, the more we get attached to it. For me, it was not a simple gadget but a best friend who had made me happy for 3 years. I was in a moral dilemma:

  • Ask my mother for money to buy a new laptop. But it means she will have to sacrifice her Gold Bangles!!! Be the prodigal son mentioned in the bible.


  • Stop asking for more and be a good son. Show the whole world that nothing is more valuable to me than my mother’s happiness. Be a good son like Lord Ram in Ramayana epic.

Since mom loves the bible and I love my mom, I chose option 1  :-3

The challenge in converting Gold to Money

Converting gold to money is not easy as it requires a great deal of courage, secrecy etc. If you doubt that, ask prisoners who are in jail because they tried to smuggle gold from one place to another. The main challenge was to hide this plan from my dad because almost everything I do annoys him. If my dad finds such prodigal plans, it will result in a big war. So to avoid a war with dad, I had to act like a world-class “smuggler” and I tried my best to seal this plan from leaking. I called my mom’s 6th sister to help me as she is a nerd at money-related matters. So the next day she took the bangles, went to a bank and collected the cash. Forty thousand rupees stacked as 500 and 1000 rupee notes. I loved the sight, the smell and the weight of cash. I enjoyed counting cash and started to see daydreams of my new laptop. I whispered to myself — “Dad won’t know anything until everything is complete. Buhahahaha” — with an evil laugh.

Sugar and spice and everything nice

The joy in seeing a plan go smoothly as expected is beyond words. I ordered a new laptop and I was excited to get it. I checked Flipkart site regularly to see the order status and my patience was wearing thin.

gold bangles flipkart laptop order story

2 more days to go… and I felt like a prisoner waiting for parole. Einstein is right about time and I really felt the time is stretching endlessly. Days felt like decades.

November 8 – International day of Karma/Twist

The order reached Kochi on November 8th and it means the next day I will get my new laptop. Yesss!!! Once again I was counting the money to avoid any inconvenience when the courier guy comes. Dad still didn’t know anything about this and was watching the news on TV. I heard the mighty sound of the man I worship — Modi — The prime minister of India and my hero. I put the cash inside the drawer and went to see Modiji. I thought — “must be declaring war against Pakistan because of the recent terrorist attacks on Indian soldiers in Kashmir. It is high time Modiji tested Brahmos missiles against terrorists.”

But what my hero declared was shocking for everyone. Modiji declared demonetisation on November 8th 8.15pm!!! It means all the 500 and 1000 rupee notes are invalid. I pinched myself and realized that it wasn’t a nightmare but a reality. My mom and I shouted at the same time – “WHAAAAAAAAATTTT????”

Dad was wondering at our reaction and asked, “Why are you both shouting like we have stacks of 500 and 1000 rupee notes? Ha”

My mom and I replied, “Yes, we have 40000 rupees as 500 and 1000rs currency notes!!!”

Dad shouted – “WHAAAAAAAAATTTT????”

Before the demonetisation missile could further damage my family, both my mom and I begged for his mercy. We explained the “foolproof” plan. Dad was shocked, surprised and then laughed at what happened. Demonetisation thus became a shocking surprise not just for illegal money holders but also for the “innocent mastermind” of my family.