My musings about the strange music (Digital painting)

I am alone in a room, trying to ignore the musings of my mind. Trying to ignore the loud noises of the factory, vehicles, and people talking on the street. I am trying to conquer my mind by entering into the subconscious through meditation. The struggle for inner peace by ignoring the outside world has been going on for years. I want to forget every bitter moment from the past and every illusion of the future. With my closed eyes, I am concentrating. The loud noises are slowly fading away from my mind. Suddenly, I hear a strange music!

ears surreal [painting music, My Musings About The Strange Music
(My Musings About The Strange Music – surreal painting)
What is this music? I don’t know. But it sounds familiar. This strange music is generating new musings on my mind, taking me to my childhood. It has the melody of the lullabies that my mother used to sing for me. It has the beats of an unknown song that I heard a long time ago on TV. This strange music is what I had failed to find on Shazam app months ago. It is the strange kind of positive music reverberating on the walls of temples and churches. Flute, piano, tabla, veena, violin — it is the blending of all instruments. This strange music has the power to heal my deep wounds and the energy to repel all the negativities in my depressed mind.

I have opened my eyes to see the source of this music. I look at the speakers in my room. I look outside through the window but I can’t find the source. All I can hear is the same loud annoying noises of restless mankind trying to quench the endless greed. I close my eyes again and resume my pursuit of inner peace. Now I hear the strange music playing again. My ears are experiencing a strange new world of divine voices. It sees a beautiful scenery of trees made of musical notes. This is a world of music that can only be seen through the ears. An ethereal world of musical notes, that the guardian angels have been singing to me during my dark times to cheer me up. Maybe this is the music that sages call the divine OM or the divine hymns that Jesus sings about the holy father or maybe the kind of music from the flute of Lord Krishna. This must be the sound of the Union.