Noble truths to remember about love

Love is a divine feeling, there is no denying that. Here are noble truths to remember about love. Facts that you should know for a successful love life. Facts you should know to save yourself from a heartbreak.

Love is blind

You may have seen this quote on the internet. “love is blind.” This is something I see as a comment on the photos of unmatched couples on Facebook and Instagram — mainly on troll pages. People compare this quote with physical appearance, but the truth is this has a deeper meaning than physical. Love affects our decision-making ability. When we are single, our decisions are more unbiased and considers almost all outcomes of our actions. When in love, a person makes biased judgments that mostly favors his/her lover. Blind trust is fatal; it is like a weapon we make to destroy ourselves.  The hot selfies, videos that you share on chat with your lover may become the weapon to destroy you in future. A million things you do as a result of blind trust will be the reasons for your regret and sorrow in future. So use at least 1% of your brain while you are in love.

Character – the paramount factor

Almost all love story begins with a selfish motive. For some people it is love at first sight(beauty), for some it is the money power… the reasons are numerous.

Every love story that stands on the foundation of material possessions (beauty, money etc) will crumble one day” – Unni

The character is something beyond your physical looks. Something beyond your cute dimples on the cheek or your deep blue shiny eyes. Your character is something that you have accumulated till now — your thoughts, emotions, memories about various struggles.. etc define your character. Outside looks are the shortcut to impress someone, but the character is the paramount factor that decides the validity of your relationship. “Marriage is an eye opener” is an apt quote to prove that character is the prime factor. So know your lover more — know your lover’s likes and dislikes, past life etc.

Don’t cage love

Love is like playing with fire. It is beautiful and gives warmth if you are close, but if you are too close, you will burn. Love is like a sweet dish made with care, trust, respect etc. But when any one of the ingredients is excess, love changes to something else. One such ingredient that must not be excess is possessiveness. Over possessiveness changes sweet love into a poison. For a successful love life, space/privacy is indispensable. Giving freedom doesn’t mean you have to turn a blind eye when your lover is in trouble, lonely or bored. Giving freedom means giving some time to your partner to enjoy quality time with self.

Suppose you send good morning message and goodnight message to your love every day, it is awww, so caring. But if you send good morning, good morning-afternoon, good afternoon, good afternoon-evening… etc every day, it becomes Ewww, so annoying. Neither caging a bird will make you loving nor you will get the bird’s love. Over possessiveness is a cage that holds your lover. Forced love is slavery, true love is respecting privacy and freedom.

Mind over matter

When a lover says,”Do you remember our vacation in Thailand? I still remember kissing your lips and that sensual romantic night.” This focuses on physical intimacy to express the feeling. This sounds more like lust than love.

When a lover says,”Do you remember our vacation in Thailand where we hold our hands together? walking on the beach looking at each other, lost in the thoughts of a beautiful future, lost in your deep blue eyes. I wish to walk together with you forever in my life.” It sounds better because the focus is on the “experience, the magical feeling” instead of lust.

Love is not lust, lust is not love. Lust is the greed for the body. Love is beyond physical. So curtail your endless greed for physical and realize the beauty of inner feelings. The pleasure of touching heart is everlasting but the pleasure of touching body is momentary. I have seen posts on social media where a boy kisses a girl with a caption – “true love”. An artist, a poet is worthy to be called as a true lover who spends day and night, lost in the thoughts of his lover, creating a portrait/poem about her. I am not against kiss or any physical intimacy to express love but true love is loving a person even if a chance for a kiss is impossible. True love is devotion. How can a handsome macho-man be a true lover, when all he can gift is something from a shop and flex his muscles to woo his lover.Where is the devotion? where is the hard work? Unfortunately, the modern world gives importance to 6pack and iPhone X than 60 lines of a poem from the bottom of the heart.