Procreation is a curse | A short Poem and an article

“Procreation or reproduction is the ultimate aim of a living being”— This is what we have been learning since school days, especially in biology class. Religious people/organisations announce to married couples to have more babies so that there will be more people belonging to that particular religion. Parents and Grandparents of married young couples frequently remind their wish in an Oscar-winning performance —”Oh! I am nearing death. When will I be able to see my grandchild?”. A child is one of the most precious gifts from God. Who hates to create a copy, a version of himself/herself, to pass the genetic knowledge to the future? But what if procreation is a curse?

Procreation might not be as blissful or divine experience if we look at deformed, abnormal, handicapped babies. It is giving a chance for the defective genes of ancestors to resurrect in future generations. Procreation is pushing the wheel of suffering; it is creating a new body to suffer in this material world. If the ultimate aim of mankind is creating new bodies, what is the purpose? Continue more suffering? I really believe that the real aim isn’t procreation but liberation. Liberation from own body instead of making a new one.

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to see a great insightful video on Youtube(Click here for the video). Once a gorgeous woman tried to lure Buddha’s disciple Ananda. She tried her best to steal his heart and tried to seduce him with her dance. Her dance was more sensual than celebrities’ hot item dance at the film awards event. But she couldn’t get what she wished for. Finally, she approached Buddha and told him that she wanted to marry Ananda. Buddha said – “Union of a man and woman create a new life. But where there is life, there is death too. And death brings sorrow. So you should seek his friendship because friendship is more universal than love.” The woman had absorbed the profound wisdom and lived happily.

Procreation is a curse — A short poem

Procreation is a genetic curse,
Done by bodies so diverse.
Passing genes to the child,
Surpassing the limits of life.

Pushing the wheel of suffering,
For a future unknown and puzzling.
It is the gift of first breath,
And the gateway to death.


(Note:   😳 Please don’t kill me. I was just kidding. You should resume your plans, marry and have kids )

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