21 thoughts on “Rigid plans… | Unni’s quote #2”

  1. I believe they plan to host the Noble felicitation here at India next year. We already have a few applicants lined up – Politicians and actors, who revolutionized the way India operates. I think you stand a fair chance. All the best.

          1. No no no no
            I dont want job.. i have the disease of sweating when working.. so 😟 i am jobless forever

          2. That’s the perfect recipe for success. You could try becoming a serial-killer. It ain’t a job. So no worries. And you needn’t be an extrovert. Talking and chit-chatting aren’t the best preludes to killing someone. πŸ™‚

  2. Unni for Nobel..surely will get one day.One of the honest,charming and most talented writer who with power of his pen can conquer mountains and reach for the utmost.

    1. Wow.. even my mom wont praise me like this πŸ˜ƒ free treats for all who praise me today πŸ›πŸ²πŸ₯˜

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