Selfish poem | A short poem about this real world

“I never thought he/she would cheat on me,” is something most of you have listened or said before. It doesn’t matter whether it is friendship or romantic relationship, trusting someone blindly makes you vulnerable. Living with others requires trust but too much of trust ruins the life. Selfish people are everywhere exploiting everything and everyone for profit. They are hiding their evil claws and vampire teeth, waiting for the right time to attack. Here is a “selfish poem” that describes this dark situation in this real world.

Selfish poem

Exploitation exploitation everywhere,
Everyone only cares about own welfare.
Who is a friend? Who is a foe? Beware!
Backstabbing is the new warfare.

Cheaters as lovers are the nightmare,
Wounded hearts are beyond repair.
Open your inner-eyes and prepare,
Else witness your life in despair.

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