Should I worship or love you? | Thought through art

You are the ultimate destiny of my long life. Or should I say, “You are the ultimate destiny of my many lifetimes?” In the midst of sorrow, I have never lost hope in finding you. Beset by countless misfortunes, I have never bowed my head to my enemies because of the power of thoughts about you. I see you on the horizon and I walk towards you. Even after walking through the barren deserts, climbing steep mountains and swimming across the ocean, I am far from you. But I am not in a mood to give up this timeless journey until I reach you.

I see a glimpse of your magnificence in many forms: In the innocence of a little girl who is smiling at the colourful butterflies, In the effulgence of the morning sun that I see between the curtains of the window and In the serenity of bright full moon at night. The sweet smell of flowers indicates your presence and the birds in the forest sings hymns of you with a mellifluous voice. Celestial maidens are no match for your grace in dance.

I can’t paint your face on canvas as I am illusioned by the ladies I have met in my life. They resemble you in some qualities and I had been tricked. All the fake promises they did, all the pain they gifted are the deep wounds in my heart. But these wounds are the fuel of my burning desire to find you as you are the only one who will never leave me for anyone or anything else. I will always be loved for who I am!

love or worship you, worship and love art, digital painting
Journey to find my dream girl – Painting by Unni Babu

What should I do when I reach the ultimate destination? Should I begin narrating my saga of enduring the harsh paths that I had been travelling for so long? But that is not going to happen as I will be spellbound of seeing and feeling you so close.

What should I do when you accept my love? Should I love or worship you? I am only worthy of loving you when my mind and body get free from the dirt that I have from a long journey. Let me purify my polluted mind and body with the flames of your flawless virtue.

Until then, I am not worthy of your love. Until then, I continue worshipping you.


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