Sleeping girl | Oil Painting | From digital to the traditional art

sleeping girl with teddy oil painting
sleeping girl oil painting

From digital to the traditional art medium

I had been painting a lot using photoshop before my first oil painting— Sleeping girl. I wasn’t content with digital art and the reason was that digital art isn’t considered worthy as traditional art mediums like pastels and oil paints. Although digital art seems easy due to tons of shortcuts, it is a time-consuming process, especially for those who don’t have a Wacom tab/electronic pen. To finish one painting, I had to sit in front of the laptop for almost 7hours. Using mouse is never an alternative for hand drawing. So I decided to try traditional art medium. I saw a lot of famous paintings from google images and a majority of those paintings are made using oil paint.

So I decided to buy oil paint and begin a new phase of my artist life. I bought oil paint and was so zealous to create my first oil painting. I couldn’t wait for long to enter in the list of “Top 10 painters of all time.”

Sleeping girl art — experience using oil colours

sleeping girl oil painting art
sleeping girl oil painting art

My first day of oil painting was funny. I squeezed colours from tubes and started to paint with pointed brushes. Unfortunately, Colours weren’t spreading like watercolour. I applied more pressure and still, the thick paint wasn’t flattening. Idea!!! I added a few drops of water only to realize that it was a futile attempt. Finally, I set aside my ego and chose to seek help from master Google. Oh, so what I needed was turpentine to make things right. Gladly there was a bottle of turpentine upstairs.

I mixed oil paint and turpentine, and wow! the oil paint started to work like a paint. “Everything should be fine now,” I thought. But oil paint acted like acid and pierced blank paper of engineering notebook. I fixed the problem by using thick chart paper for oil painting. After giving rough outlines, I began my oil painting. It was so simple— squeezing paint, mixing with turpentine and tadaa.  But things started to reach a whole new level when I had to paint the skin. The only colours in the pack that resemble the skin are yellow and orange. Without any formal knowledge of arts and colour mixing, I didn’t have to think further and painted the skin using yellow and white. After an hour, I finished my painting. The smell of turpentine gave me a headache. Thus my first day of oil painting ended with me rubbing my forehead with Vicks.

The End

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