Slum kids — Artwork | Color pencil and pastels

slum kids artwork oil pastel color pencils
the slum kids painting artwork

A few years back, when I got a set of colour pencils and pastels as a gift, I was thinking of a subject to draw. Uhmm…  there are a lot of drawings and paintings based on scenery and cute cats. So I thought of creating a scene that I had seen a long time ago — Slum kids who live near the railway track. To experience the real India, one must travel through the length and breadth of India by train instead of visiting metropolitan cities on a luxurious car. You will see slums, poor people struggling to meet both ends and a lot of breathtaking scenery that you won’t see in magazines or on your computer wallpaper.

Slum kids — About the artwork

slum kids painting oil pastels and color pencils
slum kids — artwork

The central part of this painting is three slum kids. Two of them in this painting are handicapped. One with a lost hand and the other with only one eye. Three kids are best friends and they hang around begging here and there. The only reason I am jealous of this kids is that they don’t have to go to school.

The houses in the background are stronger than a card house but are enough to crumble during a small calamity. The roofs are of low-quality asbestos sheets and the roofs leak during rain. Windows are usually covered with curtains made of old-saree or other used clothes.

Nobody is annoyed by the rumbling sound of the train. Actually, the sound of the train is the alarm clock for the slum people. Slum kids love to wave bye to the people in the train.  A stray dog is tired and relaxing in front of a slum house after searching for food in the garbage. Old and unwanted tyres are seen here and there, which are toys for kids.

Malnutrition and illiteracy do not stop slum kids from dreaming and finding happiness. The three friends always discuss their future plans of getting rich and buying a big home with all modern amenities. I hope their dream come true soon.


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  1. Amazing detail!! May their dreams really come true and that is where we need to learn positivity and hope from👍 Great art work ☺

    1. 1) that’s great 2)positive 3) inspiring 4) i like it

      Ooh wow.. 4 in 1 comment.. u r so generous..

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