Unsung Sorrow | A short poem about unsung heroes

unsung sorrow is a poem about unsung heroes

Behind joy hides sorrow Surviving among minds so narrow. Behind success hides sorrow Unknown to minds of tomorrow. A joyful rain is a giant cloud’s tears A joker’s mask hides his aching affairs. A triumphant racehorse knows whiplash and a broken poet’s heart was once sent to trash.   For more poems: Lost wife –… Continue reading Unsung Sorrow | A short poem about unsung heroes

Unexpected failure | Poem

unexpected failure poem

A poem about success, boundless pride, adulation of society and sudden tragedy. I believed in myself too much, While flying higher in the sky. Higher in the sky of success, Farther from the crowd of mortals. I received praises too much, When news spread like a wildfire. Wildfire, powerful but blind, Burned everything on its… Continue reading Unexpected failure | Poem