Weekend Nostalgia

I thought there were only pros in leading a ‘school-less’ life but now I know there are some cons too. One big downside of having a  ‘school-less’ life is a vigorless weekend. I miss that last bell ring on Friday evening that marked the end of classes for two days. My legs still feel those…… Continue reading Weekend Nostalgia

Is my pet cat ‘Tiger’ back?! | Personal Journal #2

is my pet cat tiger back?

A new cat arrived in my area a few days ago. Kids in the neighbourhood were trying to lure this little fighter with tasty food but in vain. The new cat refuses to kneel for food and looks at the sky, chasing birds and butterflies. “It is impossible to pet this rude cat,” said the…… Continue reading Is my pet cat ‘Tiger’ back?! | Personal Journal #2