Nostalgia a dual force, a man nostalgic about lover hearing music by unni babu

Nostalgia and its dual nature

My eyes are sweating when I see photos my school days with classmates, or when I see old cartoon and games online, that I used to play during childhood. I know that am not the only one who feels the same. A feeling that you experience when you open your window of time to perceive the pleasant past. Wanna join this nostalgia club? It is easy, just look at your old family photographs or few pages of your childhood diary that reflects your cuteness. 

Live meaningfully not meaningless, giant tree and cactus

Live meaningfully not meaningless

“What is the purpose of my life?” this is a question most of us ask ourselves, especially under the shower or before sleep. I have seen such questions in online forums. Recently, I saw this question on Quora, from a 42 years old IT professional woman in the USA. So even a well-educated, successful person has the doubt whether own life is meaningful or meaningless. Many people reach a point in life where they start to think whether their life is meaningful despite all the academic and financial prosperity.

the happiness we eschew because of hectic life

The happiness we eschew

I woke up after listening to the annoying alarm sound from my cell phone. Like a robot, I did what I do every day — wake up at a particular time, prepare for office. In the office, my eyes fixed on computer screen and fingers dancing on the keyboard to finish a project within a deadline. I have no time to care about others at the office. During holidays, that comes once in a blue moon, I followed the same humdrum routine. It took me a few years to realize that my workload was increasing and my emotional and physical health was decreasing. I resigned my job in 2016 and didn’t apply for another job.

free will and divine will

When free will collides with divine will

Free will is what makes us different from puppets on strings. If you prefer a better definition, let me refer to Wikipedia: “It is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded.” A highly successful man loves the concept of free will. He can feel immense pride as his success is completely based on his actions and decisions. He doesn’t need to look at the sky and gust,”Thank you God for helping me.” A lazy man like me loves the opposite of free will because I am waiting for some miracle to happen which includes winning a lottery. Have you seen the film “Avengers – Age of Ultron”? In this film, the supervillain is an Artificially Intelligent Robot named Ultron. Ultron was designed to serve and protect mankind but it became self-aware. After it became self-aware, it proclaimed – “I am free because there are no strings on me.”