The backyard | Random thoughts

the backyard pencil drawing

At first, the backyard of my house reminds me of my own life – unexplored, unattractive and untidy. Surrounded by walls as tall as a 10year old kid and are made of concrete bricks, the backyard is a place to dump all unwanted things of my house. Since the cement-brick ratio seems like 1:50, the…… Continue reading The backyard | Random thoughts

A lonely new year | Personal Journal #3

a lonely new year | personal journal

Here I am! On my bed, looking at the things in my room. Even the lifeless things in my room(fan, clock, mirror etc) seems to have life. While I, who is breathing, is lying on bed lifelessly. What an irony! I blame my friend circle for my current condition. My friend circle is shrinking day-by-day(as…… Continue reading A lonely new year | Personal Journal #3

My greatest fear | Personal Journal #1

my greatest fear | personal journal

It is midnight, yet I can’t sleep well. The silence and the darkness of the night are setting the stage for my greatest fear. It is neither a ghost nor a demon. It is not an outsider but an insider. No door, no wall can stop it from torturing me every day and night. Every…… Continue reading My greatest fear | Personal Journal #1