Meera — Ajay’s first love (Short Story)

Meera, ajay's first love

Ajay looked at his phone after hearing a notification sound. Being a below-average looking South Indian guy, Ajay wasn’t excited when he heard the notification. Because he never got any message or calls from a girl. Even the customer care calls he had been getting were automated male voices. Anyway, Ajay unlocked his phone to…… Continue reading Meera — Ajay’s first love (Short Story)

Sorrow of a prostitute

Sorrow of a prostitute by unni babu

It was a starry night and the cold wind blew through the window. The prostitute was tired and relaxing on the bed after a few hours with her client. She started to shiver as her naked body was embraced by the cold wind, and so she walked towards the window to close it. She heard…… Continue reading Sorrow of a prostitute

Noble truths to remember about love

noble truths about love | unni's blog

Love is a divine feeling, there is no denying that. Here are noble truths to remember about love. Facts that you should know for a successful love life. Facts you should know to save yourself from a heartbreak. Love is blind You may have seen this quote on the internet. “love is blind.” This is…… Continue reading Noble truths to remember about love