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beast beyond boundaries, rape surreal art, rapist
beast beyond boundaries

He is the beast beyond boundaries! Like the water, he is formless and holds the shape of anyone in this world. So identifying him from others is a Sisyphean task. He could be disguised as anyone — a stranger, a classmate, a neighbour, a stepfather… the list goes on. How he effortlessly merges with the civilised society is always a wonder. Situations and darkness conjure his real self from his false human body and there is no stopping him until his lust is satiated. He is waiting for the perfect moment to unleash his real self like a tiger patiently waiting for its prey.

Countless women have been brutally tortured, raped and killed by the beast. The rooms are devilishly adorned with the torn bodies of the women that have been seized. The walls and the curtains have scratches of nails and the floors are wet with the blood of poor helpless souls that portray the morbid struggle of every woman trying to escape from his clutches. In the corner of his room, he relentlessly breaks his prey, both from inside and outside. At the dead of night, he reveals his most favourite form to the dark. Eye sockets as empty as his conscience, teeth protruding outside more than that of any animal and sharp nails that can pierce any flesh with ease. His barbarous works are always reserved on the front page of every newspaper.

beast beyond boundaries, rapist art, rape surreal art
beast beyond boundaries

The beast is beyond every boundary. He can be from any nation, any age, any culture and any relation. In short, to satisfy his insatiable lust, he transcends the physical barriers. Activists, feminists, law enforcing officers who tirelessly try to annihilate him are far away from success. They say that stringent laws can scare the beast but he is way ahead. No matter whether it is public administration, corporate, film industry or university, the beast is already present at the top levels of every field. The recent #meToo movement is a major setback for the beast but that won’t be enough to entirely demolish him. Considering the real might of the beast, there is nothing wrong in saying that the law can’t completely stop him and money can’t buy him.

Why the beast is never gone? Maybe it is because he is beyond the boundaries of life and death. He hides in the genes of future generations. He has the perfect conditions to flourish in this world — pleasure is the prime goal and sexuality is a common sight even in ads. Compassion and empathy are seen as a form of weakness and vulnerability. The beast is definitely going to thrive more in the future as the conditions are never going to alter.

Beast is beyond science and religion and his very existence threatens the theories of science and religion. Religions proclaim that God created man while science states that man came from animals as a result of evolution. But the beast is the living proof that denies both these theories. It neither shows any qualities of a merciful god nor it shows the minimal conscience of an animal. No animal kills its prey just for pleasure. The existence of the beast makes me think – “Did God create man? Whether man evolved from animals or did the animals evolve from man?”



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