The final dialogue between a man’s mind and his soul

a man on his deathbed, The final dialogue between a man's MIND and his SOUL by unni babu
The final dialogue between a man's MIND and his SOUL by unni babu

A man is on his deathbed and the only sound in his room is his slow breath. He looks at the photographs of his glorious past which include precious moments with his family. He closes his wet eyes, but his breath still goes on…

Mind– “I don’t want to die”

Soul – “Death? There is no death. Only an inevitable process of leaving the body.”

Mind– “Do you have to say philosophy at this moment? Ahhh…”

Soul – “I can understand your feelings, but I can’t stay here forever. You know that well but you ignored the fact and did all crazy things.”

Mind– “Could you please stay here at least for a few days? Please..”

Soul – “You don’t fully understand the laws of nature. Do you?”

Mind– ” I don’t want to know. Just stay here”

Soul – “Ha ha.. Someone was pleading before and now has started to command! This same arrogance has caused this body to suffer for a long time.”

Mind– “I don’t want to end this life. I am not done with this life as I have memories of my family, my past that I hope to see again”

Soul – “Desires! The source of ephemeral joy and everlasting pain. Had been struggling to satisfy all desires and did you succeed?”

Mind– “Almost I did.”

Soul – “Why almost instead of completely? Because when you had satisfied one desire, another desire manifested from there, like an endless and meaningless loop. Married the woman of your dreams, Got your dream job, Beautiful memories with your daughter, you got everything you had dreamed. Still, you couldn’t escape from suffering.”

Mind– “Stop deriding me. I can’t forget my achievements as I earned everything through my hard work. Can you deny that? You have always been there as a witness.”

Soul – “Achievements? Oh yes! But what happened to your achievements? Why none of your ‘achievements are here with you now? Like a card house, all your achievements had crumbled and became a memory. You always invested your time building a card house. I warned you all the time that one-day material achievements will perish, but you never listen to me. With your selfishness, you suppressed me and all my divine qualities— empathy, love, forgiveness. Look where you have reached! If you had allowed me to emanate my qualities to other lives, you wouldn’t be so miserable.”

Mind– “What do you mean? Haven’t I loved and cared my family enough? Isn’t it love?”

Soul – “Yes it is love. But you only love people and things that belong to you. You always had expected a return in everything you gave. You forgot the word “selfless love”, and like a sycophant, you only cared for the people who were beneficial for you. You should have known that calculated moves won’t change your fate. As you had narrowed your mind and considered only your family as everything, you forgot the true nature of life.”

Mind– “I…I… I don’t quite understand.”

Soul – “What am I taking with me when I leave this body?”

Mind– “Nothing.”

Soul – “Yes! You should have known that before while you were busy building your empire. I always tried to guide you. Unfortunately, you turned your back on every chance I got to perform good things. The never-ending echo of ‘I-Me-Myself’ is the root cause of this suffering.”

Mind – “I will be a good man. Please don’t leave”

Soul – “I am supreme than you and the body because, without me, nothing is alive. But I don’t have direct access to the body because of you. You misused this power of accessing the body and made this body a slave to quench your never-ending desires. I am surprised to see your longing for this body even after the demise of your wife and your daughter.”

Mind – “I am scared of the separation.”

Soul – “Don’t be scared. You must understand that you can’t hold this body and me forever. We all have a fixed time to spend on this planet. When the time is over, nothing can stop the separation. You are born from me and you merge within me.— thus completing a lifetime.”

Mind – (silence)

The Sun merges with the ocean, The room becomes completely dark and the sound of breathing fades away…

The end.




By Unni Babu

Hi, I am Unni Babu. I am an artist,programmer(game developer+web developer). In short, i am Jack of all trades,master of none :-D For more info, click on my social network profiles listed on the homepage. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


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