The greedy man | Thought through art

The roaring waves are trying to wreck his old boat in the middle of the ocean. It is a “do escape or die” situation. The sky reflects the moribund situation with partial darkness. Turbulent winds are such a sadist that they are abetting the ocean waves to commit the murder of the fisherman. Despite this deadly situation, the fisherman is in no mood to quit. He sees sharks circling his boat and he immediately takes his mighty weapon โ€” the fishing rod. The hook of fishing rod touches the surface of the water like a kid who tries to learn swimming. While the fisherman is trying to chase his desire to have a shark fry for his dinner, his boat is being swallowed by the ocean. Half of the boat is submerged but fisherman moves to the edge of the boat and continues to chase his desire. Sharks are enjoying this folly of greedy man and patiently waits for the fisherman to reach his summit of self-destruction. After 10minutes, the drama ends with the death of the fisherman.

the greedy man art and short story, oil painting
( the greedy man – art by Unni Babu )

Inner thoughts

How are we different from the essence of this painting? We are also restless and greedy chasing our dreams without understanding the risks in life. The violent waves are our disturbed minds that are caused because of the turbulence of the external world. We put ourselves in the middle of the ocean of dilemmas and tries to grab the sharks(desires) with our over-confidence and incompetent skills (fishing rod). It is wise to give up sometimes than never giving up.ย  The situation depicted in this painting is relevant to every person and those who incessantly try this “fishing” in their life, will perish one day by the hands of their own desires.

The end

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