The happiness we eschew

I woke up after listening to the annoying alarm sound from my cell phone. Like a robot, I did what I do every day — wake up at a particular time, prepare for office. In the office, my eyes fixed on computer screen and fingers dancing on the keyboard to finish a project within a deadline. I have no time to care about others at the office. During holidays, that comes once in a blue moon, I followed the same humdrum routine. It took me a few years to realize that my workload was increasing and my emotional and physical health was decreasing. I resigned my job in 2016 and didn’t apply for another job.

“An Idle Brain is the Devil’s Workshop”

This proverb may be true for others, but for me, it is not. After I became jobless, my idle brain got chance to perceive other dimensions of life. Instead of looking at the whiteboard on the wall for “to-do” list in the morning, now I see the rays of sun trying to wake me up gently. I hear the euphonious chirps of birds instead of an annoying alarm. Neither I get phone calls from any office that elevate my stress nor I am caged in an ac room to follow orders.

happiness and peace we eschew, unni babu writing about a quote based on his life experience
happiness and peace we eschew

For the first time in my life, there are no strings on me! My never-ending list of desires pushed me to the deep trench of melancholy. I feel so stupid for myself for blindly following material desires. What I eschewed for all these years — Happiness and peace!— is what I have been experiencing since I am jobless. Day-by-day I realize the truth that fulfilling material desires never gives everlasting happiness. I had been entangling myself more with my greed. Better late than never, now I enjoy even the tiny details of nature and I see endless potential for happiness and inspiration. Nature is a like a desktop that changes its wallpaper every day with amazing details, trying to encourage us.

A jobless life may not be a good solution for most of us, but all I want to remind us is that we should be more receptive to the priceless things life offers to us. Because of our hectic life and endless greed, we are ignoring the real essence of life. I hope you will realize this before it is too late. 🙂