The Last Night of an orphan girl(painting)

“The last night” is a digital painting I did in 2015. This painting is about the last night of an orphan girl who suffers from cancer. At a tender age, instead of enjoying her life, she is living a life of a prisoner. Neither she has friends nor she has loving relatives. The only friend she has is a Barbie doll that she got as a gift from an orphanage visitor. Some people, including this girl, have a strange feeling when they reach last moments of their life. As her mind knows that her sojourn on earth is coming to an end, she looks at everything before the departure. She takes her only friend, the barbie, in her hand and looks at it with great affection.

Artistically, things in her room are actually the projection of her desires and qualities. The Barbie represents her age, beauty, innocence. I have juxtaposed her bald head with the Barbie doll to describe the transient physical looks. The girl is unwilling to embrace her death in darkness, so she turns on the lamp. The light from lamp somehow reminds her soul that there is a ray of hope for a beautiful afterlife.  The girl faces her last moments with a ray of hope about a beautiful afterlife. She rests on the bed and closes her eyes.

Tragedy is the real teacher that teaches the mortal nature in all of us.

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