The scariest night of my life (part 1) | A real life story

the scariest night of my life short story
the scariest night of my life short story

I still remember the scariest night of my life. It happened when I had a job as a software developer at a small startup IT company. It had been 2 years of a hectic life, coding day and night without proper rest until I decided to quit my job. I decided to bid goodbye to my 1st job(maybe my last job too) on Feb 29th 2016.

11:00pm Feb 28

It was Feb 28, the last day of my life as an employee. Since it was a small startup company, I had no legal strings/contact on me. However, I can’t leave my job with unfinished projects as it is against my morals. So after completing all my office projects, I went to the ground floor. There is a room on the ground floor for the employees to stay.  So I went inside the room and saw the new employee of our office – “Aravind.” Aravind smiled at me and we had a little chat. My plan of resigning my job was a top secret and nobody else didn’t know about this. I had to wake up early as there was a luxury bus at 6.30am from Fort Kochi. So I wished Aravind good night and covered myself with a blanket.

1:00am Feb 29

Because of my sharp ears, I heard someone snivelling and I woke up. It was Aravind and I was curious to know why he was snivelling. A 23-24-year-old young man must have a genuine reason to cry at midnight. I thought it would be a love failure story. Nevertheless, I asked him for the reason. He was hesitant at first but later decided to narrate his story:

The Story of Aravind

The story begins from the quaint house that we rented years ago. My dad divorced my mom and has never come to see me after that. So the only residents of that house were my maternal grandma, my mom and me.

I– “Mooooom, I love this new home!”

Mom – “New? Hehe…  New for us but this house is many years old.”

I– “Wow… There are many rooms and the stairs lead to garret. Yay, now I can play hide and seek with you.”

Mom – “such a baby! now go to your room, Aravind.”

I– “Ok, Mom.”

Mom has always made sure that I got proper love and care. She had a government job and could have sent me to boarding school, but her 1st priority is always me.  I had school and my mom had the office. We both left home in the morning and my healthy grandma used to spent her time doing some of the household chores and watching the TV. I came back from school at 4pm and both grandma and I waited for my mom. My mom came back from the office at 5.30pm with delicious snacks in her handbag. My life was perfect despite my dad’s absence.

One morning, I woke up and slowly walked towards the front door and saw my mom mopping the verandah. The beautiful designs of the floor were covered with blood splatters.

I, “What…what is this mom?”

Mom, “I have no idea. I don’t see any animal and these blood splatters are scary.”

I, “Mom, I am scared too.”

Mom, “Don’t worry. You have to prepare yourself for school. Now go brush your teeth. You should be scared when you arrive late at school”

We ignored the unusual incident and adhered to the daily schedule. However, as the days passed by, sightings of blood splatters on the verandah became a usual morning sight. My mom, grandma and I discussed this strange occurrence.

Mom, “Blood splatters on the floor are happening repeatedly.”

I, “Something is wrong with this house. I think this house is haunted.”

Mom, “Shut up! Stop watching too many horror movies. I am sure someone is trying to scare us away from this house.”

Grandma, “Yes, you are right. Must be the neighbours.”

I, “B..bu..but why? Why should they do such harmful deeds?”

Mom, “They may want to scare those who live here so that they can buy this house and land for a low price.”

I, “Wow.. that makes sense, Mom.”

Mom, “Ignore this for a few days and they will get tired of trying.”

We decided to ignore this morning blood splatter event. Unfortunately, the one responsible for this deeds wasn’t done. At night, the open windows started to shake violently for a few seconds. I was furious at this and decided to catch the neighbour red-handed. Since they were arched windows, there were spaces above the window. I could easily see who was doing this act by standing on a chair and looking down through the space above the window. So I waited the next night to find who it was.

looking for ghost art, boy behind the window

I unlocked only one window and was standing near a chair. My eyes focusing outside in the dark for any movement. I couldn’t see anyone and thought there wouldn’t be any strange activities. I decided to come down from the chair and suddenly the windows shook violently. I looked down carefully and the sight terrified me. There was nobody! Not even wind! Still, the window was shaking! I ran towards my mom and grandma and hugged my mother tightly. I cried and stammered, “… This house is really haunted!”

Next day we consulted a Hindu priest and he agreed to visit our home. He came to our home and felt the presence of negative energies. The priest did some poojas and warned us that we should find another home if possible. He cautioned us that one member of this home might die within a month and he left the scene. We were shocked to hear this and I requested my mother to leave the haunted house as early as possible. 

I, “Mom, please we have to leave this haunted home”

Mom, “yes we have to. But I have spent a huge amount as an advance for this home. Where will I get another home nearby? How will I get cash for another home? We already have dues to pay. We neither have your dad or relatives to help us.”

I, “Mom, we can’t risk our lives.”

Mom, “I am not quite convinced. Blood splatters and window shaking are scary but I still believe that all these are caused by a person. If it were a cruel ghost, it would have killed us before but it didn’t. Anyway, I will find a new home and until then there is no option but to stay here.”

Mom’s courage was contagious and I felt better. Grandma and I prayed for another home as early as possible. Prayers were answered by the hell and grandma had a severe fever and chest pain. Mom and I took her to a nearby hospital. We waited for the doctor to know what happened to grandma and he said it was acute heart failure. My mom was crying as her heart was beset with remorse. My mom was inconsolable on grandma’s sudden demise.  Days went by and the unusual events didn’t happen since my grandma’s demise. 

2:00am Feb 29

I was in a wide range of emotions. I was shocked, dubious, compassionate, depressed after hearing Aravind’s story. As a man who loves science, I didn’t buy his story completely. But why should a man who is almost my age cry at night? This may be real.

I – “Aravind, why are you weeping now? Past is past and now you have to move on. Is your mom still staying there at the haunted house?”

Aravind – “No”

I – “Oh thank God! I am so relieved to know that you and your mom left that scary place. Stop weeping Aravind. Now your life is joyful. You have a job, your mom is fine.”

Aravind – “This is the tip of the iceberg!!!”

I (shocked and sweating)- “What?”

Aravind – “The story hasn’t finished yet.”

(to be continued…)

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