The woman I saw on a rainy day | Thought through Art

I was driving a car on a rainy day!!! Now, this is a statement that invites both laughter and surprise to those who know me in real life because I don’t know how to drive a car. So, I will edit it and say – “In my dream, I was driving a car on a rainy day.” Raindrops were touching the front glass of my car and slipping down, like kids having fun on a slide, and obstructing my view. The car wiper was trying to draw colourless rainbows on the front glass. The only sound I could hear was the falling ofย raindrops with the repeated arrival of loud thunder. I was in a hurry and was cursing my old car for its “lightning” speed. I was kicking the accelerator pedal as if I were a kickboxer.

helpless woman on a rainy day painting
a helpless woman on a rainy day, painting by Unni Babu

Suddenly, I see the shape of a woman on the horizon and I moved closer to see who she was. It was a face never seen before with hairs trying to hide her shiny face. I was so lost in her beauty for a while that I didn’t notice her struggle to cross the road. She was limping with a walking stick and her face was emotionless. She could not walk with an umbrella because both her hands are engaged in the “balancing act” with the walking stick. I was wondering about how an emotionless face could evoke intense feelings in my immovable mind. My thoughts manifested in many forms and I was confused whether to praise her for beauty and determination or absorb the profound inspiration that she was offering to me.

Even in the midst of all the luxuries and gifts that life has been offering us, we are never satisfied. We complain all the time about what we lack instead of moving forward in life with what we already have. As I woke up, I was smiling. I understood what my subconscious mind was trying to say. The rain and thunder were obstacles that block me from my success. The car and the walking stick were the representation of the talents and facilities. Instead of using it with gratitude and joy, I was complaining all the time and lamenting about my failures.

Thus, this imaginary scene โ€” “The woman I saw on a rainy day” โ€” became theย reason for one of my paintings.


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